The discrepancy between the legal and the actual address, the consequences?

The discrepancy between the legal and the actual address consequences

You, probably, have already heard that if the legal and actual address do not match, there are serious consequences for the company in the form of blocking tax reports, after which the company is easier to quit than to restore high-quality financial and economic activities. Somewhere, this is true, but to pre-empt this kind of problems, it is worthwhile to seriously search for a good business center, which, at least, is not enough for such a volume of enterprises. Read More

The procedure for changing the legal address!

The procedure for changing the legal address

In Kiev, it often happens that an entrepreneur decides to change the location of his business and move to the center or whatever, an agricultural holding from the region wants to file tax reports in the Pechersk district. This is due to the fact that large firms, while in the capital, have a greater opportunity to obtain a license, permission, subsidy from the state. The fact is that this process is long, laborious, requires constant presence in various ministries. Read More

Registered address is!

Registered address is!

The legal address is the location of the enterprise, which in the state fiscal service of Ukraine is designated as “Tax”. According to our legislation, there is the concept of “The actual location of the company”, that is, the house, building, where you can actually find a director, chief accountant during the working day, from 9:00 to 18:00, except weekends. It is also worth mentioning that officials often come to such a room and if they don’t see the sign of the organization they are interested in on the facade, then most likely the “Paper about not finding” will be made up, which is not a priori correct. Read More

Where to get a legal address?

Where to get the legal address

In the world of a booming economy, entrepreneurs ask themselves: “Where to get a legal address”, this is especially true in Kyiv. Based on the practice of registrars of limited liability companies, the answer can only be found from a verified seller of this type of service. But still it is worth paying attention to some points of the Ukrainian, international legislation, which say that a single business center can host an unlimited number of organizations without providing them with a permanent (actual) cabinet. These standards are enshrined even by some resolutions of the United Nations. If the taxman or another regulatory authority indicates to you that the company must be registered there, then or there, then it a priori violates human rights, the freedom to make money for yourself, your family (this is not sarcasm)! Read More

Legal address lease agreement!

Legal address lease agreement

Any transaction always begins with a written agreement on the provision of certain services. As a rule, such a paper is signed for a year, and in cases of the removal of a working office for three years, the maximum is because if the parties decide to legalize their business relationship for a longer period, then the notary must be certified. The virtual office contract is subject to the same rules. Read More

Letter of change of legal address!

Lettr Of Address Change

Most businessmen register their firms in virtual offices so that they do not spend time on useless and ever-increasing rent. But often people are faced with the problem of the reliability of such cabinets; therefore, sometimes you have to re-register a company from one place to another. Here the question arises: “Do I need to write a letter about changing legal entities? addresses to regulatory authorities, other authorities? ” Many experts will answer you: “No” and this will be half true! Read More

How to register a legal address?


Due to rising property prices, it doesn’t matter whether it is buying or renting, almost all entrepreneurs try to register their company at a remote site. Especially, this service is popular in the capital, where prices are steadily increasing. But choosing a premise you need to be as careful as possible, because the location of the LLC will be entered into the unified register of entrepreneurs of Ukraine, from now on it will become publicly available for your partners and government agencies. Read More