Legal address in Kyiv for an individual entrepreneur, PE, LLC on a single tax (direct lease or sublease agreement)2.000 UAH/year.
3.500 UAH/2 years.
5.000 UAH/3 years.
Legal address in Kyiv for an individual entrepreneur, PE, LLC with VAT (direct lease or sublease agreement)3.000 UAH/year.
5.000 UAH/2 years.
7.500 UAH/3 years.
Legal address in Kyiv for financial companies (special direct lease or sublease agreement taking into account the requirements of licensing authorities)5.000 UAH/year.
8.500 UAH/2 years.
13.500 UAH/3 years.
Mail service1.500 UAH/year.
Sign of the company on the facade2.500 UAH/year.
Scan all incoming emails to email:2.500 UAH/year.
Actual office rental for tax auditFrom 500 UAH/day.
Photographing letters from government agencies on Viber, WhatsApp, TelegramIncluded
Tax VerificationIncluded
Sending incoming mail through a courier serviceIncluded

Lease of legal address in Kyiv.

Need to change or purchase a non-mass legal address for LLC? Not sure how to does it right and without tax consequences? Registration of an enterprise is not a complicated process, but it requires a responsible approach. This applies not only to the preparation of documents, but also to the choice of a lawyer who, in the shortest possible time, will complete the procedure at the best prices and on a turn-key basis. I will introduce additional services, notarial services, registration with government agencies, it is possible to obtain a license, and of course he is obliged to buy you a lawyer. A new company without history will always be closely monitored by the tax authorities, especially if the turnover in the first year of operation exceeds several million. There is the possibility of frequent checks by law enforcement agencies of the location (legal address) of the company, which is indicated in the database of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Therefore, this issue must be approached with full responsibility.

Legal address, what is it?

In fact, such a term is absent in the legislation of Ukraine. It is used by lawyers and notaries who are engaged in the registration of LLC, turnkey emergency. Characteristics:

  • Rent without access to an immovable property (virtual office). Means that the tenant is not entitled to make an appointment at this place (without prior agreement with the landlord);
  • Postal and secretarial services. The papers were received, the client was notified, the courier was given;
  • Permanent representation in front of the state. Bodies, if they come to know about the company of the customer (the most important criterion).

Important! If this concept is absent in codes, orders, and government decrees, this does not mean that it is illegal. It happens that an official tries to put pressure on a business with reference to various kinds of instructions that have nothing to do with commercial activity.

How to buy a legal address in Kyiv?

First, consider your capabilities. There are quite a lot of such services on the market, but as a rule, quality costs money. Ask sellers the following:

  1. This does not mean the number of LLC’s serviced, but safety, that is, you and the regulatory authorities have access to the premises;
  2. Type of contract. There should be a lease or sublease indicating the number of the cabinet, and not an agreement on cooperation;
  3. Location of the building. The closer to the traffic intersection, the more convenient it will be for your employees to pick up correspondence;
  4. The availability of postal services. Secretaries are required to collect incoming letters daily upon receipt and immediately notify the client;
  5. Is it possible to actually rent an office in case of verification.

You can also ask about add-ons. For example, about placing a sign of your LLC, scanning all incoming correspondence by email.

Why rent a legal address in Kyiv?

First, it is necessary to save money on buying or renting real estate, attracting employees in order to organize clerical work. You also get the following benefits:

  • Lack of linkage of production capacities to the place of registration as any district and even city can be selected;
  • The presence of a remote employee who processes incoming mail every day;
  • Security of the central office from illegal actions of third parties.

But still, the main advantage is the price. Buying this support, an entrepreneur saves a lot of money, this applies to start-up businessmen who have a low walrus, have to cut costs and often make capital withdrawals.

Why is it better to buy a legal address in Kyiv from us?

Law Firm “SENAT” has been operating in the market of corporate services for business since 2005. During this time, a lot of experience was gained, which allowed us to provide good value for money. We offer:

  1. Legal address under a direct lease agreement with access to the premises;
  2. Daily postal service with both government agencies and with working counterparties of the client;
  3. Scanning all incoming correspondence by email;
  4. Placing a signboard of your company on the facade of our building;
  5. Allocation of an office for immediate needs, including negotiations with partners.

Having bought a legal address from us, you get a reliable partner, business security, representation before the tax service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service of Ukraine, other law enforcement agencies from experienced lawyers by official power of attorney with a signature and wet seals at an adequate price.