Company registration with
tax registration
2.000 UAH1-3 days
Notary services and
state registrar
+1.500 UAH
Clearance Statement
VAT payer or single tax
+450 UAH3-4 days
Clearance Statement
from statistics department
+450 UAH1-2 days
Making a company sealFrom +250 UAH1 day
Rent a secure virtual officeFrom +2.000 UAH/year.1 day

Legal service – company registration.

In order to freely engage in business, it does not matter in which industry a person is required to have his own enterprise. Some may like this, but some may not, but the fact remains. Data on the composition of the founders, director, signatory (optional), types of activity, legal address are recorded in the database of the unified state register of enterprises and organizations for public access. Information can be viewed by anyone who visits the official website of the Ministry of Justice.

Registration of the company is not a complicated process, but requires the participation of an experienced lawyer. The most common form of ownership is LLC (Limited Liability Company). It gives the founders many advantages, for example, in cases of financial difficulties it will be necessary to respond only with assets that are on the balance sheet, this will not affect the family budget. PE (private enterprise) is a full-fledged company, but here the owner must answer for financial and economic obligations with his personal property.

How is company registration carried out?

First, decide on the type of activity, whether you are planning external trade operations (import, export). If so, then you will have to become a VAT payer (value added tax). And foreign trade will be possible only after twelve months minimum. In order not to lose time, we advise you to pay attention to the service of buying and selling companies. This will save a lot of time and money, no matter in which region of the country you are going to work.

Turnkey company registration in Kyiv consists of the following steps:

  1. Preliminary meeting, legal advice, selection, name verification, work with the classifier of types of economic activity;
  2. Purchase of a tax address (official location of the organization);
  3. Preparation of constituent documents, in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine;
  4. Certification of signatures by a notary public, registration of a notarized power of attorney for a legal adviser;
  5. Payment of state fees (the amount depends on the number of founders);
  6. Registration of the company with the state. The registrar and the territorial tax service, obtaining all necessary certificates, certificates;
  7. Production of printing (not necessary, but desirable);
  8. Opening a bank account (paid separately), if required.

A number of additional steps are possible, for example, obtaining licenses and other permits. A lot depends on the types of activities and the territorial affiliation of the office.

What documents are required from the founder to open a turnkey company?

When ordering this service, contact a professional in this matter, he will make an appointment, provide free, detailed advice, give a couple of tips on where and in what way you can collect the necessary papers. Indeed, each corporate action requires its own package.

During the initial registration of the company from the customer, the following information is required:

  • Copy of the passport, the identification code of the founder. For legal entities – residents need an extract from the state. Registry, respectively, for non-residents, an extract from the trade (banking) registry, which confirms the location of the company;
  • The size of the authorized capital with the distribution of shares (if the owners will be more than one person);
  • The name of the organization and the actual location of the future office (virtual office);
  • The main types of financial and economic activities according to the state classifier;
  • Passport data, taxpayer identification number of the head.

Important! The director of the company can be a person who has reached the age of eighteen, a citizen of Ukraine or a foreigner with a work permit and a permanent residence permit, in which there is a mark with the registration of the place of residence (in the old way – registration).

What documents are submitted to open a turnkey company?

This process includes several actions and for each you need to collect your own package of papers, correctly fill out the forms, the form of which changes monthly by decision of the government.

The list of basic documents that are submitted to the state registrar for registration of a new organization:

  • A correctly printed registration card;
  • The original or notarized copy of the decision of the founders (authorized body) on the opening of the enterprise;
  • The charter in two copies (one for the archive, the second is returned to the owners). If the charter is typical, then print it is not worth it, this is the most common option;
  • Receipt of payment of state duty (you can pay both in any branch of the bank and online through Internet banking).

If the founder of the new organization is another legal entity, then it will be necessary to provide complete information about the ultimate beneficiaries. This is done in order to determine the size and financial flows of the corporation.

The cost of registering a company in Kyiv.

Here, everything depends primarily on the speed of the task that the customer expects. It must be clearly understood that this service takes place on weekdays, from Monday to Friday, but at the request of the client, lawyers can work on the weekend. The price is based on the requirements of the buyer. And naturally, if the opening of a company accelerates, the cost immediately rises. In any case, this process cannot take more than a few days from the moment of prepayment. It works like this:

  • Visiting the website of the Law Company “SENAT”;
  • Call, preliminary agreement on the date of registration of the enterprise;
  • Collection of personal data of the client through a specially designed questionnaire;
  • Preparation of documents, if necessary, conclusion of a contract for legal services;
  • Meeting at the notary public, registration of the company.

If licenses are provided for your activity, then the terms may increase from one day to several weeks, depending on the chosen direction of the economy.

Why is it better to entrust company registration to us?

Our team of specialists has been working in the segment of companies providing corporate services in the capital district since 2005. During our work, we studied the market in detail, took into account the possible disadvantages of this service. This allowed us to raise the service to a high level with the optimal ratio of price and quality.

We offer:

  • Registration of a legal entity;
  • Registration with the tax office;
  • Rent a secure virtual office;
  • Opening a current account in any bank of Ukraine (optional);
  • Obtaining certificates, extracts, licenses as necessary;
  • Production of quality printing.

Having made a decision to cooperate with our company, you will receive an experienced and responsible partner who is able to quickly register a company at an adequate price.