Registration of an LLC
with registration as a VAT payer
2.000 UAH1-3 days
Notary services and
state registrar
+1.500 UAH
Clearance Statement
VAT payer
+450 UAH3-4 days
Clearance Statement
from statistics department
+450 UAH1-2 days
Making a LLC sealFrom +250 UAH1 day
Rent a secure virtual officeFrom +3.000 UAH/year.1 day

Registration of an LLC with VAT, what is it for?

This is the most common option for conducting financial and economic activities in Ukraine. The presence of a certificate of payer of value added tax opens up great prospects for both a start-up business and a large corporation that operates in foreign economic markets.


  • It is easier to enter into multi-million dollar transactions with wholesale suppliers and buyers;
  • The final consumer pays VAT for the entrepreneur, since it is included in the price of the goods (when shopping at the supermarket you will receive a cash receipt with the final amount and budget fees);
  • The tax base is formed after comparing gross revenues and costs. For example, the company earned 1.000.000 UAH., Spent 900.000 UAH., Respectively, the balance of 100.000 UAH. From which VAT is paid.


  • High rate of deductions to the budget of the country, in contrast to the simplified system;
  • Invoices are registered with the fiscal service, which increases the attention to business from law enforcement agencies (prosecutor’s office, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Security Service of Ukraine);
  • If the counterparty (supplier or buyer of goods, services) has a single tax, then you will have to pay VAT for it.

But despite the above, most entrepreneurs want to work with this state levy because this increases the credibility of the company. It is easier to get a loan or a long investment to acquire expensive assets.

How to open an LLC with VAT?

It’s easier to turn to a lawyer who will do the job for you quickly, efficiently and for a fairly small fee. This process includes several simple steps:

  1. Based on the information provided by the founders, a package of documents of a form approved by the government is prepared;
  2. An office (actual location) or legal address (virtual office) must be rented, preferably with a sign on the facade, where the name will be indicated, a contact phone number in case of an unscheduled check;
  3. Notarization of texts and state. Company registration (entering data into the database of the unified state register of enterprises and organizations);
  4. Submission of an application to the State Tax Service for a certificate of payer of value added tax;
  5. Additionally, if necessary, you can issue a license for certain types of trade, for example, alcohol, tobacco products.

After receiving the relevant extracts from state. Registers can be printed, open a bank account, start financial and economic activities. If foreign economic operations are planned, it is recommended to be registered with the statistics department.

What documents are needed to register an LLC with VAT?

For the correct implementation of this procedure, it is necessary to carefully prepare a number of statutory documents, the form of which is constantly changing in parallel with how the Supreme Council amends corporate law.

List of required papers:

  • Protocol (decision) of individuals or legal entities on the creation of a new company;
  • Inventory or sheet with a list of authorized securities (of great importance when opening a current account for commercial transactions);
  • A card indicating the name of the company, founders, officials, legal or actual location, types of activity according to the classifier of types of economic activity at the moment, the size of the authorized capital;
  • The charter of the LLC in duplicate (does not apply to the model charter);
  • Application for registration of a VAT payer certificate;
  • Power of attorney for legal counsel for representation in the state. Departments.

The above is certified by a notary and immediately entered into the base of the Ministry of Justice and the State Tax Service. After information about the new company has appeared in the public domain, it is prepared and submitted an application for an extract on the assignment of VAT.

How to register an LLC with VAT?

It is better to entrust this procedure to a professional lawyer who knows the pitfalls and can get around them without attracting additional resources. But if you decide to do everything yourself, go through the following steps:

  1. Copy the identification codes, passports or card ID of the founders, officials of the future enterprise;
  2. Locate and fill in printed form the necessary samples for the state. Registration. It is important that they are current at the moment;
  3. Assure the texts at the notary public (try to find one who will prepare everything on the basis of the personal data provided by you);
  4. Submit the collected package to the administrative services center of the district of Kyiv or another region of the country that interests you. It will be longer, but cheaper than opening a company through a private registrar;
  5. Submit an application to your territorial tax office for confirmation of VAT status.

In addition, you must first agree on a lease of a virtual office or use the real estate owned by you, preferably from a non-residential fund, a personal apartment will not work in terms of security.

Important! Your contacts (phone number, e-mail) should be constantly accessible to regulatory authorities, this will help to avoid a lot of problems, primarily associated with blocking invoices.

Opening price of an LLC with VAT in Kyiv?

The value of the mentioned service in each region of Ukraine differs up or down and it happens, which is very significant. In the capital, the price list is cheaper and more stable than in other areas. Typically, the price is formed by the following criteria:

  • The number of owners (the more people in the composition, the more expensive);
  • In which territorial district will the company be located (as it approaches the central part of any city, the price rises);
  • Is an extract from the statistics department required;
  • Degree of security of the press;
  • The desired speed of the task (the faster, the higher the cost, taking into account the fee).

It is also worth considering the money spent by the law office on advertising and additional customer requirements, for example, the preparation of a unique charter.

Why is it better to open an LLC with VAT through us?

SENAT Law Office has been operating in the market of corporate services for businessmen since 2005. Our law enforcers with rich experience and higher specialized education, who, after graduating from universities, have worked or completed internships in government structures of Ukraine, international organizations that directly or indirectly control the country’s economy.

What we offer to our regular customers:

  1. Registration of LLC. We undertake all obligations to prepare the necessary documents, their notarization and the registration procedure itself in the unified state register of enterprises and organizations, as well as in the State Tax Service with a guarantee of obtaining a certificate of payer of value added tax;
  2. Secure legal addresses with daily postal service, a number of support services (placing a sign on the building’s facade, scanning all incoming mail by email, renting an office with daily payment in case of a scheduled or unscheduled check);
  3. If your limited liability company requires certificates, licenses, other permits, we will help to resolve these issues in the shortest possible time at the lowest rates.

Also, we can offer regular customers of our offices various programs to support financial and economic activities from the creation, implementation of new business projects to the complete elimination of commercial structures without any consequences for owners.