Registration in the Kyiv region2.200 UAH/6 months
3.200 UAH/year.
5.200 UAH/2 years.
1 day
Registration in the Kyiv region for children1.700 UAH/6 months
2.200 UAH/year.
3.200 UAH/2 years.
1 day
Postal service at the place of registration of residence1.500 UAH/year.

Why do I need a registration in the Kyiv region?

A citizen of Ukraine or a foreigner is required to have a stamp in his passport with the registration of his place of residence. The same requirement is provided for in the laws of other European countries. The certificate with a mark: “Registration Kyiv region” gives many opportunities. For example, you can register a private entrepreneur, get an identification code, apply for a passport, it will be easier to get a child in a kindergarten or school.

Important! If a person has a modern plastic ID card instead of a passport or residence permit, registration of a place of residence is also needed. For this, an official application with an appropriate mark is issued.

What is the registration procedure in the Kyiv region?

This is a simple process and is known to everyone who has a passport or residence permit. According to the migration legislation, this procedure includes several stages:

  1. Extract from the previous address;
  2. Preregistration in the military registration and enlistment office (for citizens of Ukraine under 60 years old);
  3. Preparation of necessary documents (lease agreement, power of attorney);
  4. Registration in the new branch of the military commissariat;
  5. Directly registration in the Kyiv region.

The above actions can be carried out in one center for the provision of administrative services. But subject to the availability of an already prepared military ID.

What documents are needed for registration in the Kyiv region?

Proper processing of all necessary papers is an important element for saving time and money. It is recommended that you contact an experienced lawyer who will do the job quickly.

List of required documents:

  • Passport or residence permit (certificate must be valid);
  • Men under the age of sixty are required to have a military card with them;
  • Apartment rental agreement, letter of attorney for receiving letters. This is not necessary and is prepared only at the personal request of the client.

Important! Children can only be prescribed with their parents or guardians. Migrants from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine are registered according to the standard procedure.

Why is it better to order a residence permit in the Kyiv region from us?

“SENAT” Law Firm has been providing services in the field of migration law since 2005. During this time, we have accumulated sufficient experience.

It is better to buy a residence registration in the Kyiv region from us for the following reasons:

  1. Flexible cost of services for different categories of residents, non-residents (adults and minors);
  2. We work only with homeowners;
  3. We independently prepare the necessary documents;
  4. Full support of the procedure;
  5. Permanent postal service;
  6. It is possible to order registration of residence for any period;
  7. An additional, related service, for example, opening an individual entrepreneur.

Important! If you are proposing to buy a residence permit for 100 UAH, they promise that they will do everything without your help, we recommend that you do not cooperate with such people.