Liquidation of a joint stock companyFrom 20.000 UAH70-80 days

What are the grounds for the liquidation of JSC?

First, it’s worth mentioning that registering a new public joint stock company is quite simple, especially after the 2014 reform. The information is immediately entered into the database of the Ministry of Justice under the name of the USR of Ukraine. But to liquidate PJSC is a little more difficult. Because of this, the mentioned service has recently become in demand. Entrepreneurs make the mistake of starting to cancel a business on their own or with the help of a full-time employee. Naturally, an ordinary citizen, even without a higher, specialized education, will succeed and it will be possible to save a sufficient amount of money. But time will be lost. This service will be useful for owners and managers of large enterprises.


  1. Voluntarily by decision of shareholders;
  2. Merger with another corporation;
  3. Accession;
  4. Division into smaller structures;
  5. Conversion to another organizational and legal form of ownership.

Please note that it is possible to close a joint-stock company in the tax office only after the cancellation of debt obligations to the state and creditors.

What is the procedure for the liquidation of JSC?

Basic information displayed in the USR can be changed at any time. The main thing is to correctly arrange the required portfolio!

The procedure for the complete closure of an OJSC is as follows:

  • A general meeting is held and an appropriate decision is made and published in the media;
  • Notify the National Securities Commission to stop the circulation of shares in the stock market;
  • Property is distributed in the corresponding share of each participant;
  • An application for termination of the extract is submitted to the SEC.

After all points have been completed, the procedure for terminating economic activities similar to LLC begins.

What are the features of the liquidation of CJSC?

This is a complex process and involves many steps. For each, you need to collect your own package of papers, correctly fill out the forms, the form of which changes monthly by decision of the government and the legislative body.

The list of grounds for closing CJSC:

  1. By the decision of the general meeting (supreme governing body) upon achievement of the goals specified in the charter for which the JSC was created or upon the end of the term;
  2. By a court decision when filing a claim of one of the participants or the corresponding institution of state power.

Important! You need to close a business without debts! If a closed joint stock company has wage claims to its employees, then first it is necessary to resolve this issue and collect supporting documents in this regard. This may affect the cost of closing a CJSC. Especially if you had a large team with high salaries (usually this happens in the administrative building of factories). We remind you that accounting information on salaries must be archived for seventy-five years.

Why is it better to entrust us with the reorganization and liquidation of JSC?

“SENAT” has been working in corporate law since 2005. The ratio of price, speed and quality of the legal services provided for businessmen is constantly at a decent level.

What does the client receive who ordered the closure of a joint stock company from us:

  1. Termination of a legal entity of any form of ownership in Kyiv, other region of Ukraine quickly;
  2. Notarization of the required papers;
  3. Suspension of business activities in the tax department and the national securities commission. The most important moment, due to which, in an unfavorable situation, the price of liquidation of JSC rises several times;
  4. Closing a bank current account in financial institutions of Ukraine;
  5. Accompanying a tax or audit;
  6. Assistance in the economic court (if necessary);
  7. Registration of a new office and obtaining the necessary extracts, including licenses, permits.

Having decided to cooperate with our organization on the liquidation of JSC, you get an adequate price, a full analysis of the business, free consultation and an experienced partner capable of solving corporate issues. For regular clients, the law firm “SENAT” has developed a system of discounts.