Preparation of documents2000 UAH1 working day
Notary, state registration of PE, tax registrationFrom 1500 UAH1 working day
Execution of an extract
payer of VAT or single tax
(at the request of the client)
500 UAH2 working days
Execution of an extract from
the statistics department
(at the request of the client)
500 UAH2 working days
Making a PE seal250 UAH1 working day
Lease of a controlled legal address in KyivFrom 3500 UAH / year

Why do I need to open a private enterprise?

When planning a new business, and even more so, before going to the state registrar, a person must definitely decide on the form of legal ownership. The easiest option is a private enterprise, do not confuse it with an individual entrepreneur, which is mainly created for retail trade in a store, in the market. State of private enterprise is the same full-fledged company as a limited liability company, but here the owner must answer for financial and economic obligations with his personal property. Although the practice in this matter is not unambiguous! Example: “A man opened a private enterprise for the organization of cargo transportation and uses his own car for this. If he decides to work through LLC, then the vehicle must be put on the balance sheet of the company with the relevant changes in the technical passport or to draw up a lease agreement”.

A private enterprise is mainly created for such purposes:

  1. Business openness to suppliers and customers – the presence of a commercial organization in the unified state register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine (we increase the brand’s authority);
  2. To carry out operations on small sums. For this, a single taxpayer certificate is issued (you can also get VAT, but then it is better to register an LLC);
  3. To receive a cash register (if cash payment with a buyer is present), since it is mainly a medium-sized business (shopping centers, large shops, supermarkets) working in the field of catering, the sale of pharmaceuticals, jewelry, household appliances, which is subject to warranty return and repair.

The above applies mainly to small firms created by one or more persons for financial and economic activities in the aisles of a district, city, maximum region or region. But a private enterprise can also be used for multimillion-dollar transactions, foreign economic operations, if the company is based on a common taxation system, has the appropriate licenses, and other permits.

What are the advantages of registration of private enterprise?

The legislation of Ukraine does not sufficiently regulate this form of ownership of the company. But there are periods in the country’s economy that it is easier to register a state of private enterprise than LLC and the tax service is more loyal to such companies.

Features of a private enterprise:

  • The absence of any requirements for the size of the authorized capital as it is formed from the private property of the founders;
  • Management and fixed assets are determined at the personal discretion of the owners;
  • Each member of the company can sell his share without financial and legal obligations to other founders.

The main advantage, referred to by people opening a private enterprise, is complete freedom of action and responsibility to creditors only with personal property that they have provided to the company for use.

Documents for registration of private enterprise?

The papers that are prepared for this procedure are approximately the same as for registration with a limited liability company. But it’s better to entrust this to an experienced lawyer, because the forms are constantly changing and it’s hard to keep track of it.

List of required documents:

  1. The charter of the company in duplicate (model use is prohibited);
  2. Registration card where information about the founders, management, name, location (tax address), size and form of the authorized capital with distribution of shares are entered;
  3. Protocol (decision) on the creation of legal entities with passport data and identification codes of owners;
  4. Order on the appointment of a director with the date of taking office;
  5. The lease of the premises (if you do not use your own property).

In addition, it is necessary to prepare an application to the STS to receive a single tax or VAT payer certificate. Issue a certificate from the statistics department (optional).

What is included in the service of opening a state of private enterprise?

This service includes several stages that are best left to an experienced lawyer to minimize registration time.

This includes:

  • Preparation of statutory documents, their certification by a notary public, entering information about the new company in the base of the Ministry of Justice;
  • Purchase of a secure legal address (virtual office) with access to the premises and postal and secretarial services;
  • Issuing a single taxpayer certificate at a fixed rate or VAT;
  • Production of high-quality printing with different degrees of protection;
  • Opening a commercial bank account.

If a businessman plans to engage in special activities, for example, the sale of alcohol or tobacco products, then he will need to additionally deal with the submission of documents for a license.

Why is it better to register a private enterprise through us?

“SENAT” Law Office has been working in corporate law since 2005. Value for money, speed, quality of services provided for business is constantly at a high level.

What does the client receive when opening a private enterprise through us:

  1. Registration of legal entities in Kyiv (registration of a state of private enterprise on a turn-key basis with one founder or several owners);
  2. Notarization of required papers;
  3. Secure legal address with annual postal service (processing of incoming mail) and the possibility of prolonging the lease;
  4. Registration with the tax department (VAT, single tax);
  5. Printing a new company with a high degree of protection;
  6. Extract from statistics, licenses, other permits (if necessary);
  7. Assistance in opening a current account in any bank of Ukraine.

Having decided to cooperate with our organization, you get an experienced partner who can solve any corporate issue at an affordable price. For regular customers, the “SENAT” Law Firm has developed a discount system. But new customers can count on cost reductions of up to ten percent.

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