About a company providing legal addresses in Kyiv and registration of enterprises

We are a reliable organization that helps to register an LLC, choose and buy a legal address in the Pechersky, Shevchenkovsky districts of Kyiv. We have been in this field since 2005, our clients are private entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations. We are constantly improving thanks to our focus on the B2B sector of corporate law.

Our team positions itself as an equal partner, striving to expand and improve the service in order to fully satisfy the needs and wishes of customers. In order to make up for the increasing demand for legal address leases and company registration, we are expanding, we are trying to mutually beneficial communicate with customers and cooperate with the state authorities of the capital. Our team is educated and purposeful specialists who are able to professionally and quickly solve any issue.

Legal address of the company – what is it?

Legal address means the official location of the company, company, organization. This service is very popular among individual entrepreneurs. Its main distinguishing characteristics:

  • Office type premises with an official representative on a special assignment;
  • The provision of postal and secretarial services with the processing of incoming correspondence;
  • The room where the reception of representatives of state structures of local importance.

It is important to know that under tax and civil law the actual location of the company is the location of the management, chief accountant or economist. This requirement is not very convenient for businessmen who are not actually located in the capital, since production facilities are located geographically in another place. If officials find this, blocking financial and economic activities is possible.

Why do I need a legal address in Kyiv when registering an enterprise

By law, when registering or re-registering a business, management must indicate its official location. These data are entered into the public database of the EDRPOU of the Ministry of Justice and are indicated in the charter. This rule applies in order to easily and easily verify any business.

Also, firms acquire legal addresses in Kyiv for such purposes:

  • Registration of an enterprise in the metropolitan area with the territorial location of production and storage facilities, sorting points in a cheaper region;
  • Savings in finance when renting real estate and paying utility bills, as well as office equipment, security and maintenance personnel;
  • Mobility of the management and employees of the company, lack of territorial reference to a specific place;
  • Timely receipt with the help of modern messengers of notifications of correspondence, letters, parcels, parcels;
  • Ensuring the safety and security of property, its protection from malicious acts by unauthorized persons.

For a novice businessman, buying a legal address in the Pechersk or Shevchenko district is an economically advantageous offer. Experienced entrepreneurs use such solutions to reduce administrative costs and increase the profitability of their business.

How to choose a legal address for the organization in the center of the capital?

When choosing a legal address, one should take into account such key points that determine the quality of a given service:

  • The conclusion of the contract only in the premises rented or subleased, which guarantees the legality of the lessor’s proposals;
  • The content of the agreement to receive correspondence with the exact name of authorized people;
  • Providing office managers with a working telephone number, which should be available during the working day;
  • Constant presence of the secretary in the workplace for a quick response and timely documentation.

An advantage will be the offer of a number of other additional services, for example, registration of an enterprise. But in any case, the choice remains purely with the buyer. The lack of the above points may in the future turn into a nuisance for the company, as an example, this could be a deprivation of a license.

Benefits of working with us

Having decided to acquire a legal address in the Pechersky or Shevchenkovsky districts of Kyiv with us, you will definitely be satisfied. After all, our work is characterized by such advantages:

  • The constant presence of employees on site, so you can visit the office, take correspondence or delivery without prior warning.
  • A lease/sublease agreement is issued to the customer with a full package of documentation that confirms the right to use real estate. These documents can be safely presented to state authorities.
  • Full secretarial and postal service, correspondence is taken simple, courier, recommended, assessed-insured. The secretary picks up the law enforcement requests as the official representative of the company by proxy.
  • Possibility of front and interior placement of an advertising sign of an organization.
  • The ability to learn instant notifications of incoming correspondence in various modern ways of communication, even with scanning or photographing the contents.

Corporate services from our company

We can provide you with many additional Turnkey services, namely:

  1. Registration of an LLC with registration with the tax service of Ukraine;
  2. Change of founders LLC, state of emergency;
  3. Change of director, legal address, types of economic activities, size of authorized capital of LLC, state of emergency;
  4. Opening a bank account;
  5. Purchase/sale of LLC;
  6. Liquidation of the enterprise;
  7. Making a seal.

In addition to the listed advantages, it is worth noting that the prices for our services are pleasantly loyal with the high quality of the work performed.