Registration of residence in Kyiv3.200 UAH/year.
5.700 UAH/2 years.
8.200 UAH/ 3 years.
1 day
Registration of residence in Kyiv for children2.200 UAH/year.
3.700 UAH/2 years.
5.200 UAH/3 years.
1 day
Registration of residence in Kyiv for foreigners3.200 UAH/year.
5.700 UAH/2 years.
8.200 UAH/3 years.
1 day
Registration of residence in the Kyiv region From 2.200 UAH/year.1 day
Post service at the place of registration1.500 UAH/year.

Registration of residence. What is it for?

Every citizen of Ukraine, regardless of age, as well as a foreigner, must have a stamp with a residence permit in their passport or residence permit. It seems to many that this is a relic of the past, but in the countries of the European Union, as well as in America, there is also a similar procedure, which is mandatory. An identity card without registration of the place of residence is not valid and does not give the person the right to be capable. For example, you will not be able to register an enterprise, receive an identification code, apply for a passport and, accordingly, go abroad. A child cannot be placed in a kindergarten, school or institute. Elementary does not come out to register in the library, open a bank account, purchase and register a car.

Important! If instead of a passport a citizen has a modern plastic ID card, registration is still needed. For this, a separate form with an appropriate mark is issued. This add-on is official.

How is the procedure for registering a place of residence?

This is a fairly simple process and is known to everyone who has a passport, ID card or residence permit (temporary, permanent). According to the migration legislation of the country, the procedure for registering a place of residence includes several stages:

  1. Extract from the previous address;
  2. Preregistration in the military registration and enlistment office (for citizens of Ukraine under the age of 60);
  3. Preparation of necessary documents (lease agreement, power of attorney);
  4. Registration in the new branch of the military commissariat;
  5. Registration at the desired address, for example, in Kyiv or Kyiv region (occurs only in the presence of the homeowner, who is obliged to show the official the original right to own real estate).

Almost all the above actions can be carried out in one administrative services center, which will save time. But subject to the availability of an already prepared military ID for the mentioned category of individuals.

Documents for re-registration of residence?

Proper preparation of all necessary papers is an important element for saving time and money. It is recommended to contact an experienced lawyer for detailed advice, processing documents.

You will need these papers:

  • Passport, ID cards for residents, temporary or permanent residence permit for non-residents (the certificate must be valid with all entries, stamps and time-glued photos);
  • Citizens under the age of sixty are required to carry a military or so-called white ticket;
  • An apartment rental agreement (housing stock only) and a letter of attorney for receiving letters. Not necessarily and is prepared only at the personal request of the client.

Important! Minors can only register with the knowledge and presence of their parents. Migrants from the autonomous republic of Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk regions are registered according to the standard procedure. Additional help is not required for this.

What services do we provide when registering a stay?

If an agreement is reached with the customer on the procedure and price, our lawyers connect the property owner (after prepayment) and get to work.

Our registration service:

  1. Preparation of all necessary documents and applications;
  2. Organization of a meeting of all parties in the center for the provision of administrative services;
  3. The very registration itself with a stamp in the identity card or the corresponding application for the owners of ID cards.

If the client did not leave the previous place of residence for various reasons, this is not a problem, you can solve this issue on the spot, and the migration service will send a notification to your old address.

Please note that work will begin only after prepayment. If a citizen does not have a military card with the necessary deletion marks, registration, then in this case we will not be able to issue and register it.

Why is it better to entrust us with a change of registration of residence?

“SENAT” Law Firm has been working and provides services in the field of migration law for Ukrainians and foreigners since 2005. During this time, we have gained tremendous experience. The ratio of price, quality and speed has been brought to the maximum acceptable level. What I like very much for regular customers.

It is better to work with us for several reasons:

  • Flexible cost of services for different categories of individuals of residents, non-residents, adults and minors;
  • Registration of residence is issued only to homeowners;
  • We independently prepare the necessary documents;
  • Full support of the procedure from the first call to the stamp in the passport;
  • Post service (incoming mail processing);
  • It is possible to order a residence permit for six months or a year with prolonged cooperation;
  • An additional, related service, for example, the opening of an individual entrepreneur.

Important! If you are offered registration of residence in Kyiv, Kyiv region or another region of the country at an unrealistically low price and at the same time they promise that they will do everything without your presence in government bodies, we recommend that you do not cooperate with such people so as not to get caught by scammers.