Buy a company with debtsFrom 5.500 UAH1-3 days
Changes to the USR+1.500 UAH1-3 days
Notary services and
state registrar
From +2.650 UAH

Buy a company with debts. What are the benefits?

Here a person must decide for what purposes he acquires the enterprise. Most often, there is a factor of saving time on opening and developing a large business. Such companies usually sell part or all of them when there is a conflict with the state or counterparties.

The prose of such a deal:

  1. A person gets a working organization;
  2. Property;
  3. Licenses;
  4. History with millions of turnovers;
  5. VAT, flat tax.

Possible cons:

  1. Wage arrears;
  2. Large commitments to the state budget;
  3. Litigation;
  4. Arrested property;
  5. Debt on a loan from the bank.

The main thing when making a deal is not to rush, check everything thoroughly so as not to stumble upon fraudsters and not become the owner of a problematic office with big troubles!

Buy LLC with debts. How does the procedure take place?

The information displayed in the USR can be changed at any time. You can remove some owners, add others. The process is identical with the change of founders.


  • Looking for the desired company;
  • A purchase/sale agreement is signed;
  • Copies of passports, decisions, protocols are notarized;
  • The old owners are displayed;
  • New founders are introduced.

It is important to understand that changing the members of the organization also includes changing the beneficiary, in the sum we get two actions.

Buy a company with debts. Features and pitfalls of the deal?

Any, even a simple case, is accompanied by unforeseen complications, and here the buyer will be faced with the need to conduct a tax or an independent audit. Secondly, you will have to look for external investments to increase the size of the authorized capital.

What makes the sale more difficult:

  1. The data to be changed are specified in the charter;
  2. There are many members among the founders;
  3. The company does not have VAT;
  4. There are debts to the budget or former counterparties;
  5. Court decisions are hanging.

Regarding the last point, it is recommended to remove the sanctions as soon as possible. If this is not done, the buyer will leave in order not to wait and save time.

What documents are needed to buy LLC with debts?

This process includes several steps and for each you will have to collect your portfolio, everything is carefully rechecked using available sources.


  • Extract from the USR of Ukraine;
  • ACT on the transfer of business rights;
  • Charter in duplicate;
  • Inventory;
  • Contract of sale;
  • Statement of the payer of VAT or single tax;
  • Licenses, permits.

Also, it is advisable to get your hands on the conclusion of the audit company with a detailed report on the problems of the acquired company. Make a plan for getting out of this situation.

Why is it better to buy a company with debts through us?

“SENAT” has been working in corporate law since 2005. The value for money, speed and quality is consistently high.

What the client gets by working with us:

  1. The ability to buy and sell a ready-made commercial structure;
  2. Notarization of the required copies;
  3. Re-registration in STS;
  4. Legal address in the Pechersky or Shevchenkovsky region;
  5. New statistics, licenses (if necessary).

Having made the decision to purchase an LLC with debts through our organization, the client gets an experienced lawyer who can solve any corporate issue at an affordable price. Free consultation on the advisability of buying such a business.