IE registration with
tax registration
2.000 UAH1-3 days
State registrar services+350 UAH
Clearance Statement
single tax payer with or without VAT
+450 UAH3-4 days
Clearance Statement
from statistics department
+450 UAH1-2 days
Making a IE sealFrom +250 UAH1 day
EDS key registration
for tax reporting
Included1 day
Register income book
at the tax office
Included2-3 days
Registration of residence or legal address in KyivFrom 2.000 UAH/year.1 day

Why do I need to open individual entrepreneur without residence?

An individual entrepreneur is the basic legal form of conducting financial and economic activities in Ukraine. The bottom line is that one person uses his personal property or rented property to make money without registering a legal entity. Information about individual entrepreneur is entered in the state register of enterprises and organizations. An individual entrepreneur can be registered by a capable citizen of Ukraine, more often this is done at the place of registration of residence, but this point can be legally circumvented. The main thing is to have at least some kind of binding to the desired location. It is for this reason that individual entrepreneur are opened without registration in the city of doing business.

Initially, individual entrepreneur is drawn up for:

  • The legality of small business, for example, passenger transportation using your own bus or online trading (online store);
  • To open an account with a bank, receive a cash register (if cash payment with the end consumer is present) and officially purchase products under a supply agreement;
  • Opportunities to constantly use personal investments for work.

There are situations when a person gets a job in Kyiv, without a residence permit, and he is asked to register individual entrepreneur. If you encounter such a problem, do not be alarmed, agree with the employer that he will make contributions to the budget for you.

Problems opening individual entrepreneur without residence?

To begin with, it is worth noting that if you come to the center for the provision of administrative services and try to register individual entrepreneur without registration, then they will immediately refuse you, referring to internal instructions. It is worth entrusting to an experienced lawyer.

And so, what problems can be encountered when opening individual entrepreneur without a residence permit, solutions:

  1. A person has his own housing in the city where he wants to do business, and registration in another. In this case, you need to have a document of title to real estate;
  2. If the apartment is rented, it will be necessary to provide a lease, preferably a long one, for more than three years with a notary certification;
  3. You can solve this issue through a virtual office rental, but the service must be reliable with postal services and access to the premises in case of a tax audit.

Important! If there is no mark on the place of residence at all in the passport, then such a document cannot be used to confirm your identity, as it is considered not valid.

Registration of individual entrepreneur without residence, prices and necessary documents?

The price of the melon type of corporate law service is not very affordable due to the fact that the procedure provides for more expensive documents for registration, namely:

  • Copy of passport, identification code;
  • Registration card where personal data of individual entrepreneur and prospective types of business are entered;
  • Application for single taxpayer status;
  • Lease agreement for a legal address, other paper confirming the need to register individual entrepreneur at the place of registration.

Also, the opening price of individual entrepreneur largely depends on the types of goods and services sold. If you need a license or special permission, it will cost more.

What is included in the individual entrepreneur registration service without residence?

This service includes several stages that are best left to an experienced lawyer to minimize registration time.

This includes:

  • Preparation of documents, their implementation at the state registrar;
  • Purchasing a secure legal address;
  • Issuing a single taxpayer certificate;
  • Individual entrepreneur seal;
  • Opening a bank account.

If a businessman plans to engage in special activities, for example, the sale of alcohol or tobacco products, then you will need to apply for a license.

Why is registration of individual entrepreneur without residence worth entrusting to us?

“SENAT” Law Firm has been working in corporate law since 2005. Value for money, speed, quality of service is at a high level.

What does the client receive by opening individual entrepreneur without registration through us:

  1. The optimal cost of opening an individual entrepreneur;
  2. Registration as a single taxpayer of any group;
  3. Making an individual entrepreneur seal (if required);
  4. Assistance in opening a current account;
  5. Registration (registration of residence) in Kyiv or the region;
  6. The contract for renting an apartment or legal address.

Having decided to cooperate with our organization, you get an experienced partner who can solve any corporate issue at an affordable price.