Temporary registration in Kyiv for foreigners1.700 UAH/3 months
2.200 UAH/6 months
3.200 UAH/year.
1 day
Temporary registration in Kyiv for children of foreigners1.200 UAH/3 months
1.700 UAH/6 months
2.200 UAH/year.
1 day
Postal service at the place of registration1.500 UAH/year.

Why do I need temporary registration of foreign citizens in Kyiv?

Each non-resident located in Ukraine, regardless of age, must have a residence permit stamp with a residence permit at a specific address. The same requirement exists in the laws of the European Union, the USA, and other civilized countries. An identification card of a foreigner with the mark: “Temporary registration of residence” provides many opportunities in the capital. For example, you can get a work permit, register a company, apply for an identification code, open a bank account. In a few years, there will be reason to count on the citizenship of Ukraine.

Important! If a person has an ID card instead of a residence permit, registration is also needed. To do this, an official supplement is issued with the appropriate mark, which is desirable to always have with you.

How is the registration procedure for temporary registration for foreigners in Kyiv?

This is a simple process and is known to everyone who has a residence permit. According to the migration legislation of the country, this procedure includes several stages:

  1. Extract from the previous address (if necessary, if the client himself did not do this);
  2. Preparation of necessary documents (lease agreement, power of attorney);
  3. Temporary registration in Kyiv (as well as permanent, occurs only in the presence of the homeowner, who is obliged to show the official the original right of possession, use, disposal of real estate).

Almost all the above actions can be carried out in one administrative services center, which will save time.

What documents are needed for temporary registration of a foreign citizen in Kyiv?

Proper processing of all required papers is an important element for saving money. It is recommended that you turn to an experienced lawyer for professional advice, who is knowledgeable in migration legislation and is able to arrange for a non-resident everything quickly, efficiently, at an affordable price.

The list of necessary documents that are provided to the official:

  • Residence permit (the certificate must be valid with all notes, stamps and photos glued in time);
  • Apartment rental agreement (housing stock only), power of attorney for receiving letters. This is not necessary and is prepared only at the personal request of the client, but then the price of registration in Kyiv will increase slightly.

Important! Foreign minors (children under 18 years of age) can apply for temporary registration of residence only with their parents or guardians according to the standard procedure. Additional certificates, characteristics, other types of papers on legal stay in Ukraine are not required.

Why is it better to order a temporary residence permit for foreign citizens in Kyiv from us?

“SENAT” Law Firm has been operating and providing services in the field of migration law since 2005. During this time, we have accumulated sufficient authority and respect. Value for money, speed, brought to the maximum acceptable level. What customers really like.

It is better to buy a temporary residence permit of foreign citizens in Kyiv from us for several reasons:

  1. Flexible cost of services for different categories of non-residents;
  2. Registration of place of residence is issued only to homeowners;
  3. We independently prepare the necessary documents;
  4. Full support of the procedure;
  5. Post service;
  6. It is possible to order a residence permit for any period of time, from three months to several years with the extension of cooperation (the left and right banks of the capital are available);
  7. Optional, related service. For example, starting a business.

An important point! If I offer a foreigner to buy a residence permit at a suspiciously low price, while they promise that they will do everything without his participation, we recommend that you refuse. This may result in deportation with a further ban on entry.