Turnkey LLC registration7.500 UAH7-8 days
Notary services and
state registrar
Clearance Statement
VAT payer or single tax
Clearance Statement
from statistics department
Making a LLC sealIncluded
Rent a secure virtual officeIncluded

How is the registration of a turnkey LLC?

For an unprepared person, this process can take from several weeks to one month or more. But experienced lawyers can finish everything in less than five days. This is a complete preparation of the constituent documents, their notarization and the state registration of the legal entity itself, including the choice of a tax system, renting a remote office known as the actual location or tax address.

It happens like this (step-by-step instruction):

  • The client fills out a questionnaire (passport data and identification codes of participants, officials, the desired or prospective name of the future limited liability company, types of activities, the amount of the authorized capital and how it will be paid in, money or property, the share of each owner are recorded);
  • Based on the information collected, the necessary papers are prepared, certified and handed over to a specialist with an electronic digital signature for entering data into the database of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (do not try to get an electronic digital signature on your own, it’s difficult, expensive and you don’t need to do one-time operation);
  • A lease of premises is signed (non-residential real estate is recommended with constant access by both the tenant and officials for greater trust in the new company, and if the company works abroad and you haven’t received any letter from foreign customs, then business will face big problems at international markets);
  • An application is submitted to the STI for assignment of the status of a payer of fees (VAT, single tax or general system);
  • A certificate is organized from the Department of Statistics (not necessary, but desirable for those who plan to work with corporations of the European Union, the United States of America and the countries of the Asian continent, especially for the People’s Republic of China);
  • A commercial bank account is opened (for this a personal presence of the director is required, it is recommended to call an accountant with you and take a wet seal, the legal consultant will not be able to cope on his own here, especially if Internet banking is connected).

Important! With all the constituent data entered into the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organization of Ukraine, a telephone number and e-mail are also recorded, which must work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Such an approach will save in the future from the mass of unpleasant visits to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, security service of Ukraine, STI, the prosecutor’s office, and other law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.

Why register a turnkey LLC?

First, to save money and time, which you will spend the most if you do not contact a professional in this matter. Especially if this is new to you. It may seem that after a radical change in the corporate legislation of Ukraine, this procedure has been simplified to the impossible and there are even rumors that everything can be done via the Internet in online mode. But in reality, this is not so.

What does the client receive by ordering this turnkey service:

  1. Quick and proper preparation of documents as experienced lawyers constantly monitor the forms of changing forms (it will not be nice to fill out the paper, and then it turns out that new and usually not significant changes came into effect yesterday);
  2. A lease or sublease agreement with annual postal and secretarial services at a reasonable price, the possibility of extension;
  3. The absence of the need for numerous trips to the STI, the statistics service (if you do not know whom and with what requests to apply);
  4. Printing a company with a high degree of security (it is believed that the device is no longer valid, but it will be easier to work with it, for example, it will not work to send an application to the post office to forward letters);
  5. Quick solution to problems with opening a current account and obtaining a license (if such a need arises).

These are the main benefits! But there are also a number of others, such as cost savings (take into account not only official payments, duties, but also personal expenses, no matter how trite it sounds, this is also a tangible expense item, especially if everything is done for the first time).

Documents for registration of a turnkey LLC with a legal address?

In order to register the new enterprise as quickly as possible with all authorities in charge of controlling the Ukrainian economy, the lawyer must carefully prepare the following papers:

  • Protocol, decision to create an organization with passport data and identification numbers of the founders. For legal entities – residents, an extract from the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine is required, respectively, for non-residents, an extract from the trade (banking) register confirming the location of the beneficiary’s company;
  • Direct lease agreement for legal entities with postal services. Perhaps with additions (a sign on the facade of the building indicating the company name, phone number, scanning incoming mail to an e-mail box, storing accounting documents, daily rental office in case of a scheduled or unscheduled inspection, business negotiations). It is important that the virtual office is secure, with tenant daily access to the premises.
  • An order on the appointment of a leader (he is also a director and a signatory, but there may be different people) with the date of taking office;
  • Correctly completed card in duplicate;
  • This is a list of all documents that are submitted for state registration (this paper is not less important than the rest when working with banks, government and international structures);
  • The charter of the LLC in two copies (if the charter is typical, then it is not necessary to print and certify it);
  • An application for a certificate of value added taxpayer. The most common taxation system in Ukraine opens up the possibility to carry out external trade operations (import, export of goods with VAT refund);
  • A power of attorney for a lawyer who will represent the interests of owners in various instances, including commercial ones;
  • Application (questionnaire) and cards with the originals of the director’s signature, company seal to open a bank account.

All listed documents are mandatory certified by a notary. If necessary, forms are prepared for obtaining a license and extracts from the statistics department.

What is included in the “Turnkey LLC Opening” service?

This service includes a huge number of positions that one way or another a businessman will face before receiving an extract from the database of the unified state register of enterprises, organizations and STI on assignment of taxpayer status. Also, a lot depends on the types of financial and economic activities that the owner of the company plans to master.

This service includes:

  1. Preparation of statutory documents, their certification by a notary public, initial registration through a certified representative of the government;
  2. Purchase of a virtual office or actual lease;
  3. Registration of a single taxpayer certificate at a fixed rate or VAT;
  4. Production of printing. The price depends on the functionality of the device, the degree of protection, the quality of materials (plastic or metal);
  5. Opening a commercial bank account (the director independently does this, but to expedite the procedure, we suggest using the help of a specialist in banking law).

Additionally, there may be a need to obtain a certificate from the statistics department (if foreign economic activity is planned) and to obtain a license for special types of business, for example, excise goods trade.

Registration of LLC turnkey cost?

The cost of this service can vary depending on the number of owners, additional services and the territorial district of the new company’s ownership, for example, the turnkey opening price of an LLC in Kyiv is usually lower than in other regions of the country.

Criteria for the formation of a turnkey LLC registration price:

  • How many participants (creating an office with one founder is the cheapest option);
  • Having your own administrative building or have to buy a legal address;
  • In which STI registration of the VAT payer will be carried out;
  • Do you need an extract from the statistics department;
  • Quality level, degree of print protection.

There are additional points that should not be debited. What sources the client came from (costs of an advertising campaign) and the preparation of a separate charter (at the request of the customer). If the owners are foreign citizens, then the question will arise about ordering the TIN.

Why is it better to open a turnkey LLC through us?

The company “SENAT” has been working in corporate law since 2005. Value for money, speed and quality of legal services for businessmen are constantly at a high level.

What does the client get, working through us:

  1. Registration of legal entities in Kyiv (registration of a turnkey LLC with one founder or several owners of residents, non-residents);
  2. Notarization of required papers;
  3. Registration with the tax department (VAT, single tax);
  4. Printing a new enterprise with a high degree of protection;
  5. Extract from statistics, licenses, other permits (if necessary).

Having decided to cooperate with our organization, you get an experienced partner who can solve any corporate issue at an affordable price. For regular customers, the “SENAT” Law Firm has developed a discount system. But new customers can count on cost reductions of up to ten percent.