Liquidation of an LLC with debtsFrom 28.000 UAH20-30 days
Express liquidationFrom 13.500 UAH1-3 days

Liquidation of an LLC with debts. What is this procedure and why is it needed?

Before, it’s worth mentioning that registering a new limited liability company is quite easy, especially after the 2014 reform. The information is immediately entered into the database of the Ministry of Justice called the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine. But the liquidation of a company, especially with debts, is much more difficult. Because of this, the mentioned service has recently become in great demand. Entrepreneurs make the mistake of starting a business on their own or with the help of a full-time employee. Naturally, an ordinary citizen, even without a higher, specialized education, will succeed and it will be possible to save a sufficient amount of money. But the time during which a person could open a new organization, conclude lucrative deals and earn money will be lost. So, this service will be useful for owners and managers of large and small corporations.

Please note that the liquidation of an LLC with debts to the tax office, which is not a VAT payer, follows a simplified procedure. The main thing here is to comply with the allowable profit and not exceed the annual income. If everything is normal in this regard, then the process will be quick, not expensive, without any consequences for the property of the founders.

Liquidation of a company with debts. To whom can there be a debt and what procedure should be followed?

Basic information displayed in the USR can be changed at any time. You can remove some owners, add others or make any other changes. The main thing is to correctly arrange the required portfolio!

The procedure for the complete closure of a company with debts is as follows:

  • The composition of the founders meets for a meeting (council), votes and makes a written decision with the withdrawal of shares in the authorized capital;
  • The current checking accounts of the company in financial institutions are stopped and the process of paying off debts begins;
  • A registration card of the established form is submitted to the center for the provision of administrative services of the corresponding district or city;
  • An unscheduled tax audit is initiated (it is recommended to additionally involve an independent auditor for a more accurate assessment of the condition of assets). Naturally, liquidation of an LLC without debts is much easier, faster, without unnecessary nerves and costs on the part of the owners;
  • Upon completion of the verification, an ACT is issued with or without claims, after the settlement of financial issues with the state, the work of a private organization stops.

It is important to understand that closing a company through express liquidation follows a slightly different procedure. Everything is much simpler and cheaper here. A person simply rewrites the company to another citizen, and only after three years, when the statute of limitations for financial claims passes, the cancellation process begins, where the procedure is already simplified and takes place somewhat faster.

Ways to liquidate an enterprise with debts and the documents required for this?

This process includes many actions and for each stage it is necessary to collect your own package of papers, correctly fill out the forms, the form of which changes monthly by the decision of the government, the Supreme Council of Ukraine and the national bank.

The list of basic documents required to close a company with debts in the only correct way:

  1. Correctly printed registration card with an indication of the reason for the termination of economic activity;
  2. The original of the notarized decision of the founders (authorized body) to change information about the company;
  3. The charter in two copies (if the charter is standard, then you should not print it, this is the most common option);
  4. Receipt of payment of the state duty (you can pay both at the bank branch and on the spot);
  5. Order on the dismissal of the director or general director;
  6. ACT verification confirming the absence of debts to the treasury, counterparties and creditors;
  7. Court decisions (if any).

Important! The complete closure of an LLC is possible only after resolving the issue with debts! If a limited liability company has wage claims to its employees, then first it is necessary to pay benefits and collect supporting documents. This may affect the price of the termination of the company. Especially if you had a large team with high salaries (this usually happens in the administrative building of factories). We remind you that accounting information on salaries must be archived for seventy-five years. If the papers were lost, they still have to be restored within ninety days.

Procedure and terms for closing an LLC with debts?

Even a fairly simple case is accompanied by unforeseen complications, and here lawyers are faced with the fact that the legislation of our country is constantly being rewritten to please the European reforms. Naturally, this leads to some inconvenience, because everyone interprets the new norms in their own way, officials say one thing, lawyers another, notaries a third, state registrars a fourth, and so on. But there are also nuances in the accounting documents of the institution, due to which the price of liquidating an LLC with debts is growing, the terms are increasing.

The list of organizational and legal properties that we can register with the mark “Terminated” according to the standard procedure:

  • Limited Liability Company (common in Ukraine). Stops for over a month;
  • Private enterprise (such a company is in between LLC and IE). Also, more than a month;
  • Individual entrepreneur (the simplest form of doing business). Here the issue can be resolved in a few weeks;
  • Joint stock company (private, public). The terms are the longest and most unpredictable.

Important! If there are judicial decisions with restrictions and prohibitions against the cantor or claims from any law enforcement agency, it is recommended that the sanctions be canceled as soon as possible, regardless of the costs. If this is not done, then the enterprise may simply freeze, it will be impossible to sell it, stop it, start bankruptcy, and even more so continue its financial and economic activities.

Why is it better to liquidate a company with debts through us?

“SENAT” has been working in corporate law since 2005. The ratio of price, speed and quality of provided legal services for businessmen is constantly at a decent level.

What does a client who ordered assistance in liquidation of an enterprise receive from us:

  1. Termination of a legal entity of any form of ownership in Kyiv, other region of Ukraine quickly;
  2. Notarization of the required papers;
  3. Stopping economic activity at the State Tax Inspectorate (as a payer of VAT or single tax). The most important point, due to which, in an unfavorable environment, the price rises several times;
  4. Cancellation of a bank current account in financial institutions of Ukraine;
  5. Accompanying the audit in the tax office
  6. Assistance in the economic court (if necessary);
  7. Registration of a new office and obtaining the necessary extracts, including a license, permission.

Having decided to cooperate with our organization on the closure of an LLC with debts, you get an adequate price, a full analysis of the business, free consultation and an experienced partner capable of solving corporate issues. For regular clients, the law firm “SENAT” has developed a system of discounts. But new customers can also count on a cost reduction of up to ten percent and other pleasant bonuses.