Liquidation IEFrom 2.500 UAH20-30 days

Reasons for closing IE?

First, it is worth mentioning that registering a new individual entrepreneur is quite simple, especially after the 2014 reform. The information is immediately entered into the database of the Ministry of Justice under the name of the USR of Ukraine. But eliminating the individual entrepreneur is a little more difficult. Because of this, the mentioned service has recently become in demand. Entrepreneurs make the mistake of starting to cancel a business on their own or with the help of a full-time employee. Naturally, an ordinary citizen, even without a higher, specialized education, will succeed and it will be possible to save a sufficient amount of money. But time will be lost.


  1. Personal initiative of a person;
  2. Judgment;
  3. Death of an entrepreneur.

Please note that liquidation of a sole proprietor in the tax office, which is a VAT payer, goes through practically the same procedure as an LLC.

Liquidation of individual entrepreneur. What is the procedure?

Basic information displayed in the USR can be changed at any time. The main thing is to correctly arrange the required portfolio!

The procedure for the complete closure of IE is as follows:

  • Current settlement accounts are stopped;
  • A registration card is submitted to the administrative services center of the respective district or city;
  • An unscheduled tax audit is initiated. Naturally, liquidation of IE without debt is much easier and faster;
  • Upon completion of the audit, an ACT is issued with or without claims, after the settlement of financial issues with the state, the work of a private entrepreneur stops.

It is recommended to keep (fill in) a book of income continuously to make it easier for an official to audit economic activities.

What documents are needed to liquidate an individual entrepreneur?

This process includes many actions and for each stage you need to collect your own package of papers, fill out the forms correctly, the form of which changes monthly.

List of main documents:

  1. Correctly printed registration card indicating the reason for the termination of economic activity;
  2. Receipt of payment of the state fee;
  3. Orders for the dismissal of employees;
  4. ACT verification confirming the absence of debts to the treasury, counterparties and creditors;
  5. Court decisions (if any).

Important! The complete termination of the sole proprietorship is possible only after resolving the issue of debts! If there are claims for wages to your employees, then first you need to pay benefits and collect supporting documents. This may affect the closing price of the IE. Especially if you had a large team with high salaries.

Deadlines for closing a private entrepreneur in the tax office?

Even a fairly simple case is accompanied by unforeseen complications, and here lawyers are faced with the fact that the legislation of our country is constantly being rewritten to please the European reforms. But there are also nuances in accounting documents that entail an increase in terms.

The list of problems that prevent IE from being registered with the mark “Terminated” for reduced terms:

  • Various kinds of debts (receivables, payable);
  • The issue with the regulatory authorities is not closed;
  • The entrepreneur is subject to local and state sanctions.

Important! If there are court decisions with restrictions and prohibitions against a businessman or claims from any law enforcement agency, it is recommended that the sanctions be lifted as soon as possible. If this is not done, then the IE may simply freeze, it will be impossible to stop it.

Why is it better to order individual entrepreneur liquidation with us?

“SENAT” has been working in corporate law since 2005. The ratio of price, speed and quality of the provided legal services is constantly at a decent level.

What the client gets:

  1. Termination of an IE in Kyiv, another region of Ukraine quickly;
  2. Stopping economic activity at the State Tax Inspectorate (as a payer of VAT or single tax);
  3. Cancellation of a bank checking account;
  4. Assistance in the economic court (if necessary);
  5. Registration of a new business.

By deciding to cooperate with our organization to close the individual entrepreneur, you get an adequate price, free consultation and an experienced partner capable of solving corporate issues. For regular clients, the law firm “SENAT” has developed a system of discounts.