How to get a legal address?

Hoe to get a legal address

How to get a legal address, this is a frequently asked question from beginning entrepreneurs. Most people think that this service is simple as there are a lot of offers on the market. Indeed, creating a remote office is not difficult. But to make it quality, that is, faster, cheaper, it’s better not for everyone. First you need to rent or buy a room, purchase office equipment, arrange with the mail for the quick delivery of letters, hire an experienced secretary and preferably with a higher education. If after such expenses of money, time and effort it is possible to reach a level better, faster, then such an offer will not become cheaper. It all depends on what kind of service is needed by the entrepreneur himself, who opens a new company or re-registers an existing one.

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Legal address lease agreement sample!

Sample lease of legal address

A sample lease of a legal address for each company looks different. Moreover, it is not always compiled on the same principles. If the cap is the same with the names of the parties, leaders or signatories, then the subject of the contract can radically differ. For example, some write that they provide the buyer with some kind of virtual location on which the businessman can register the company, others draw up a full agreement for the use of the premises with square meters and a list of additional services (information services, use of office equipment, parking, and so on).

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Registration of the legal address of an LLC!

Registration of the legal address of LLC

Registration of the legal address of an LLC is a fairly common question, but everyone puts his personal understanding or opinion of other, poorly versed people, who often call themselves corporate lawyers, into it. Some imply opening a company, others, renting a virtual office, and others in general, all on a turn-key basis. This discrepancy arose because service sellers cannot really explain to businessmen what they provide, to whom and on what terms. In fact, this concept is divided into two positions: Registration of LLC and lease of legal address. But it always takes place in the district administration and at the notary under one action. They are divided because each position is paid separately. If the first on the Ukrainian market costs almost the same for everyone, then the price of the second can vary depending on the service and location, for example, the cost of such a service in the Pechersky district of Kyiv is significantly different from Shevchenkovsky, although both are in the same city.

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Location of the legal entity?

Location of the legal entity

The location of the legal entity is the office from which the financial and economic activities of the enterprise are primarily carried out. That is, the administration, director, chief accountant directly works. So the civil code of Ukraine answers the question under consideration. There is a similar definition under the name, tax address, which means the same, but adjusted for reporting to the fiscal service, which also includes customs. Information about the location of the company is entered in the official, publicly accessible base of the Ministry of Justice. This was done to facilitate the search for a company by various authorities with the aim of serving requests, summons, other notifications, and conducting scheduled, unscheduled inspections. Accordingly, if law enforcement agencies did not find the enterprise according to the data indicated in the mentioned service, then the official has the legal right to block the business. Most often through the non-acceptance of invoices in electronic form.

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Change in the charter of the legal address!

Change in the charter of the legal address

Do I need to make a change in the charter of the legal address or not? If you are not interested in reading this article, we will immediately answer that “Yes” (if the location of your company is indicated in this document) and “No” (if not indicated). But, it is worthwhile to understand in more detail this issue in order not to make mistakes when registering, buying, selling a company. When a person decides to set up his business, he thinks that he will have to dig in a pile of waste paper, which is difficult to dig out and all the more, submit it to the district state administration, fiscal service, licensing authorities and so on. In fact, everything is quite simple. Documents are drawn up by a lawyer and a notary, and if they say that you yourself must organize it, look for other specialists, fortunately, there are enough of them on the market. But, company registration is another topic that we will not touch on today. Let’s take a closer look at the main agenda.

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What is the actual address?

What is the actual address

Due to confusion in Ukrainian legislation, entrepreneurs often began to ask: “What is the actual address”. Naturally, we now mean the location of the company. The answer seems simple: “The office where the administration works,” that is, the director, accountant, and other responsible employees. But the civil and tax codes say that in such an office should be the leadership of the company and it is here to carry out financial and economic activities. This means concluding agreements, preparing accounting documents, sending reports to the fiscal service.

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How to buy a legal address?

How to buy a legal address

Everyone who starts his own business, alone or with a partner, wonders how to buy a legal address. There are many answers, but not all of them are true. First, you need to determine what type of financial and economic activity you plan to engage in. This determines the further choice of the location of the enterprise and the quality of service that will help to obtain a certificate of value added taxpayer, license, and other permits. Accordingly, the price from which you can build on it will immediately become known. We warn that quality cost’s money, not very large, but still!

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Documents for changing the legal address!

documents for changing the legal address

When a small or large entrepreneur decides to change the legal address, the question immediately arises of the proper preparation of all necessary documents. Naturally, these questions should be addressed by experienced and verified lawyers who have tremendous experience in a particular segment, since in Ukraine the legislation in this field constantly changes with the frequency of change of the ruling elites, which leads to a shift of personnel in regulatory bodies, in particular the fiscal service. As we all know from our bitter experience: “A new broom sweeps in a new way”, especially if the broom has got to the leading position of the tax administration not affordably, but affordably. And we remember that such officials do not know how to catch malicious non-payers of VAT, other fees, and only know how to create problems for entrepreneurs in the form of rejection of invoices claiming that they have something in common there or that the businessman has a bad location on the map of Kyiv. If the director of the company lowers his head following the case of a corrupt official, then most likely such an enterprise will not last long. This article is specifically for such merchants.

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Legal Address Requirements!

Legal Address Requirements

When opening a new or another business for trade in goods or for the organization of import, export, each entrepreneur thinks about acquiring a legal address, to which it makes great demands. Particularly acute this question arises in the capital of Ukraine, and even more acute in its central part, since in Pechersk, Shevchenko, Galaseyevsky, Podolsky districts of Kyiv, direct rent or sublease of the premises is quite expensive. First, beginners feel it. But before you register a company in an office center, you need to find out the conditions for cooperation other than postal service.

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