IE registration with
tax registration
2.000 UAH1-3 days
State registrar services+350 UAH
Clearance Statement
single tax payer with or without VAT
+450 UAH3-4 days
Clearance Statement
from statistics department
+450 UAH1-2 days
Making a IE sealFrom +250 UAH1 day
EDS key registration
for tax reporting
Included1 day
Register income book
at the tax office
Included2-3 days

Why do I need to open individual entrepreneur?

An individual entrepreneur is a basic organizational and legal property, the first step towards creating a large business. Simply put, here is one person who uses his personal property or rented property to earn money without registering a legal entity (company). Information about individual entrepreneur as well as about LLC, PE is recorded in the state register of enterprises and organizations of the Ministry of Justice. Individual entrepreneur can be registered by an adult citizen of Ukraine, more often it is carried out at the place of residence (registration), but it is also possible in another region of the country.

Individual entrepreneur (business entity) draw up, for:

  • The legality of entrepreneurial activity. More often it is a small business, for example, retail trade in consumer goods in markets or small shops within the same city, region, region;
  • To be able to open a commercial bank account, get a cash register and officially purchase products from wholesale suppliers;
  • Opportunities to use personal property to start (truck, bus, commercial property). If you open a limited liability company, you will have to put your asset on the balance sheet of the company.

There are exceptional situations when a person gets a job, he is asked to register individual entrepreneur. This is a fairly common practice and allows you to get rid of a headache in obtaining official employment for a new employee.

Important! If you are faced with such a situation when applying for a position, do not be alarmed, but agree with the employer that he will deduct for you the single social contribution.

Benefits of applying for individual entrepreneur?

The legislation of Ukraine quite clearly controls this form of conducting financial and economic activity giving citizens the opportunity to earn money without registering a full-fledged company, which in cases of which will not be so easy to liquidate.

Features of individual entrepreneur:

  1. A simple procedure for state registration (no protocol, charter is required, respectively, and the size of the authorized capital is not indicated as private property is used);
  2. You can work with cash, without an official bank account and seal (but it is recommended to have this available);
  3. A simplified taxation system, divided into groups (even with large turnover, over UAH 1,000,000. The business entity pays a single tax at a fixed rate, but do not forget that there is an upper ceiling of restrictions and it is constantly increasing).

There are also a number of other benefits. There is no need to keep records of contractors, pay rent of an office or virtual office, a simple form of bookkeeping, reporting, which anyone can handle without special skills and experience.

Registration of individual entrepreneur, price and necessary documents?

The price for the melon type of service in corporate law is the lowest, it is affordable for every novice businessman in comparison with the opening of full-fledged legal entities due to the fact that this procedure provides for only a few documents for registration, namely:

  • Copy of all completed pages of the passport (card ID) and identification code;
  • Registration card in duplicate, where personal data of the individual entrepreneur and the necessarily proposed types of business are entered according to the classifier of types of economic activity;
  • An application for a single taxpayer status.

These are all papers that are submitted to the state registrar. The cost of individual entrepreneur registration largely depends on the types of goods and services sold. If the customer requires a license or a special permit, the price rises, respectively, additional statements will be required.

Do not try to register an individual entrepreneur yourself! Although this is a simple procedure, it’s recommended to use the services of an experienced lawyer to track the latest changes in the law and to correctly fill out the necessary forms, which are often changed, to speed up saving money.

Why is it better to register individual entrepreneur in Kyiv through us?

“SENAT” Law Office has been working in corporate law since 2005. Value for money, speed, quality of services provided is constantly at a high level.

What does the client receive when opening individual entrepreneur through us:

  1. Affordable cost of opening individual entrepreneur (business entity);
  2. Notarization of required papers;
  3. Registration with the STS (single tax);
  4. Seal of an individual entrepreneur with a high degree of protection (if necessary);
  5. Assistance in opening a current account with Ukrainian banks.

Having decided to cooperate with our organization, you get an experienced partner who can solve any corporate issue at an affordable price. For regular customers, the “SENAT” Law Firm has developed a discount system. But new customers can count on cost reductions of up to ten percent.