Change of company charter1.500 UAH1-3 days
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Change of the charter of LLC. What kind of service is this?

First, it is worth mentioning that registering a limited liability company is quite simple, especially after the 2014 reform. Information about the company is immediately entered into the database of the Ministry of Justice under the name of the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine. But the registration of changes to the charter of the LLC is a little more complicated. It will require special knowledge and capabilities to complete the procedure as quickly as possible. Because of this, the mentioned service has recently become in great demand. Businessmen make a big mistake when they start to make changes to the USR on their own or with the help of a full-time employee. Naturally, any person, even without a higher, specialized education, will succeed and save a good amount of money. But the time during which a person could conclude profitable deals and increase his profit will be lost. The essence of this service is to renew the set of rules at the enterprise. For example, when buying/selling a business or changing a name.

Frequently asked question: “Change of LLC statute with the sole founder, where one person in all positions must also be registered with a notary and a registrar”? This means that the charter is simply a contract between several founders and it describes the methodology of input and output of investments. The answer is very simple: “Yes, without fail and without exception”!

What documents are needed to re-register the charter?

This process is time-consuming and you need to collect your package for it, fill in the forms correctly, the form of which changes monthly by decision of the government.

The list of papers that are submitted to draw up the charter of the LLC:

  • Originals of passports and identification codes of all owners of the company;
  • Decision (protocol) of the meeting of participants;
  • The new version of the statute itself, in duplicate (does not apply to the model);
  • Correctly completed hard copy registration card.

Important! Change of the main schedule of the company without a notary is not possible! The indicated papers must be notarized and stamped. If the passports of the owners are in the form of an ID card, then a plain copy is enough.

How is the procedure for changing the charter of the LLC?

Even the simplest case is accompanied by unforeseen complications, and here lawyers are faced with the fact that the legislation of our country is constantly being rewritten in order to please European reforms. Naturally, this leads to some inconvenience, because everyone interprets the new norms in their own way. But there are nuances in the procedure itself.

How to enter information about the new statute in the USR:

  1. A printed document is prepared (two copies), certified by a notary, after which the information is entered into the state database;
  2. To design a model, you need to prepare a separate solution and conduct it in the same order.

It is important to understand, in terms of costs, that the first option, that the second comes out the same. If you have chosen a printed statute, it is recommended that you do not include data that may change in the future, for example, the name of the director, legal address (location of the enterprise), types of activities, and so on. Otherwise, you will spend additional resources on future amendments to the unified state register. And the timing will be longer!

Why is the registration of the charter of the LLC necessary to entrust to us?

The company “SENAT” has been working in corporate law since 2005. Value for money, speed and quality of legal services for businessmen are constantly at a high level.

What does the client get, working through us:

  • Amendments to the USR on a legal entity in Kyiv, another region of Ukraine as quickly as possible;
  • Notarization of required copies;
  • Re-registration in the tax department (VAT, single tax);
  • Print with a high degree of protection;
  • New extract from statistics, licenses, other permits (if necessary).

Having decided to cooperate with our organization, you get an experienced partner who can solve any corporate issue at an affordable price. For regular customers, “SENAT” Law Firm has developed a special discount system. But for those who work with us for the first time, the price may be at a discount.