Legal address in the Shevchenkovsky district with postal service3500 UAH/year.
Sign of the company on the facade+2500 UAH/year.
Scan all incoming emails to email:+2500 UAH/year.
Actual office rental for tax audit500 UAH/day.
Photographing letters from government agencies on Viber, WhatsApp, TelegramIncluded
Tax VerificationIncluded
Sending incoming mail through a courier serviceIncluded

Lease of legal address in the Shevchenkovsky district of Kyiv.

When registering a new enterprise, the founders must provide the state registrar with information about the whereabouts of the LLC or state of emergency. These data are recorded in a special government base and are publicly available. Information can be viewed by anyone who visits the website of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Correspondence of businessmen with state authorities is carried out through the official office of the company.

This type of relationship is not convenient for beginner businessmen. Reception and processing of correspondence takes time, and it is not always possible to organize the work of the secretary. In such a situation, if it comes to the metropolitan area, it will be advantageous to purchase the service: “Legal address Shevchenkovsky district”. This is suitable for a manager who needs to save money on maintenance staff.

What is a legal address in the Shevchenkovsky district?

This is a reliable service that allows an entrepreneur to receive mail through a designated point in the capital, regardless of their place of business. In this case, the functions of the primary processing of documentation are performed by a remote specialist. It is important to know that any government agency will send notifications to the office, which is listed in the database of the Ministry of Justice, since the lease or sublease agreement is also an agreement on postal services.

The legal address of the Shevchenkovsky district is characterized by such additional differences:

  • Storage with reporting correspondence (parcels);
  • Sending a businessman messages about incoming mail by telephone or through instant messengers indicating the addressee;
  • Ability to pick up correspondence by a customer representative on business days from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The function of sending outgoing documentation by the service is not provided, only its reception, processing with distribution is carried out.

Why do I need a legal address in the Shevchenkovsky district of Kyiv?

It is important for businessmen today to be mobile, not to become attached to a permanent place, an office. Communication with customers is carried out by alternative means of communication. But state authorities conduct relationships in a paper way, sending companies mail orders, requests, inquiries, and other documentation. This takes away their expensive time and attention from entrepreneurs.

By purchasing the service: “Legal address of the Shevchenkivskyi district”, a businessman solves this issue and receives a number of useful services:

  • The work of a secretary who receives and processes correspondence without the presence of a manager during a working day;
  • Organization of storage of received documentation, instant notification of the customer about it;
  • Ensuring the safety of business work objects – office, production, storage facilities;
  • Simplification of work with foreign companies and customs structures when several points are desirable for correspondence;
  • Prompt cooperation with parcel delivery companies, as the availability of space in the center of Kyiv accelerates logistics.

Important! The presence of a legal address in the Shevchenkovsky district provides confirmation of the actual location of the company in the specified location during the test visit of the tax office.

Where and how to choose the best service?

The corporate market is full of numerous offers of this type. But not all of them are able to satisfy the requirements of buyers, because they offer mainly postal services, once a week, without access to the rented premises.

Therefore, choosing a company that provides the service: “Legal address of the Shevchenkovsky district”, you should pay attention to such points:

  • Service agreement (lease or sublease) only from an LLC or private entrepreneur with a certificate, but not from an individual (except in cases of direct ownership);
  • Adequate (up to one hour) registration and processing of correspondence with subsequent distribution;
  • Sending messages about incoming mail in a convenient form for management, including with a photo.

In addition to the above criteria, a mandatory point is the constant presence during the working day at the point of delivery of an authorized person with a power of attorney from the client’s company.

Why is it better to rent a legal address in the Shevchenkovsky district with us?

Law Firm “SENAT” has been operating in the segment of organizations providing corporate law services since 2005. During our work, we studied the market in detail, took into account possible shortcomings in this area. This allowed us to raise the service to a high level with an optimal price-quality ratio.

We offer:

  • Reliable, technological and thought out to the smallest detail service;
  • Acceptable speed of processing and distribution of incoming correspondence;
  • Base price without additional charges for various requests from the client. For example, scanning letters from the tax or sending documents through a courier service.

Having made a decision to cooperate with our company, you will receive an experienced and responsible partner who can quickly solve a situation of any complexity. For the received papers at LLC or PE, we are personally responsible.

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