Legal addresses in the Pechersky and Shevchenkovsky districts of Kyiv

Services (included in the contract and additional) Legal address in Pechersky district Legal address in Shevchenkovsky district
Postal service under a lease/sublease agreement 3.500 UAH/year 3.500 UAH/year
Scan letters from government agencies on Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram Included Included
Client company sign on the building facade + 2.500 UAH/year + 2.500 UAH/year
Scan all incoming mail to email: + 2.500 UAH/year + 2.500 UAH/year
Actual office rental for tax audit 500 UAH/day 500 UAH/day
Tax Verification Included Included
Sending letters through courier service Included Included

By re-registering your business or opening a new one, each entrepreneur must designate and communicate his legal address (actual location) to the government, customers and partners. This address will be mandatory entered and displayed in the database of entrepreneurship entities of the EDRPOU of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, which is publicly available.

As a rule, an office space is rented for this purpose. But when the question concerns the capital, especially its Pechersky districts, a different approach will be practical. In such a situation, it is more profitable to buy a legal address in the Pechersky or Shevchenkovsky districts of Kyiv. Such a solution will save on the rental of office space, which is very expensive in the central areas of the capital. It will also help reduce security costs, maintenance personnel and other amenities that require comfortable work of the administration of the company or enterprise.

What is the main need to change the legal address?

In business, it may be necessary to move to another region or district, while its production components (workshops, distribution points, warehouses) rationally remain geographically in the old place. The remote office will help to solve this situation. Additionally, the legal address in the Pechersky or Shevchenkovsky districts will give such advantageous points:

  • Ensuring the safety of property (immovable and movable);
  • Professional secretarial and postal service;
  • Messengers and SMS notifying of receipt of mail;
  • Representation in government agencies of the Pechersky or Shevchenkovsky districts.

Changing the legal address will bring special preferences, which will simplify the management of economic and financial activities, as well as the conduct of business processes.

How to buy a legal address in the Pechersky or Shevchenko district?

Making the optimal choice of a partner, evaluate the quality of the service, which is included in a particular service package. First of all, you should consider what is right for you and how much you are willing to pay. When buying a legal address, it is recommended to carefully study the documents and pay attention to the following points:

  • It is important that the property is not listed in the mass registration lists;
  • The building should belong to a non-residential fund (rarely a residential one), so as not to attract unnecessary attention of fiscal service officials;
  • Leases and subleases must be provided by officially registered entrepreneurs, LLC, and not individuals, so that there are no difficulties when sending financial statements in electronic form;
  • Postal service is not paid separately, but should be included in the price of the contract, which will facilitate cooperation and will not allow payment confusion;
  • It is important to clarify the landlord’s work phone numbers, which should always be available to both you and the regulatory authorities.

If the above items are taken into account, you should check the last moment – whether the secretary is in place (at the proposed address). To do this, you can simply send a courier there, of course, without warning. It is also advisable to find out how it works and where the Ukrposhta territorial branch or other delivery companies are located.

Why is it better to buy a legal address in the Pechersky and Shevchenkovsky districts from us?

In the field of corporate law, our company has been successfully operating since 2005, performing its work at a high professional level. During this time, we have gained a lot, taken into account the needs of customers and significantly improved the quality of service, formed a competitive cost.

We should trust, because our work is characterized by such advantages:

  • The customer is transferred a sublease agreement for a non-residential premises with a full set of documents (extract EDRPOU, ACT ownership rights, post office agreement);
  • The cost of services includes the processing of correspondence, which provides for the receipt of any deliveries (recommended, valuable and simple, courier, parcels, parcels, telegrams);
  • Representation before state authorities is carried out by agreement of the official type, confirmed by wet seals, with the exact name of the authorized person;
  • The ability to rent a suitable office for scheduled or unscheduled inspections by fiscal authorities, state licensing services;
  • It is possible to place a facade or interior sign of a company, as well as order storage of documentation for a year.

The main thing that provides the legal address acquired from us in the Pechersky or Shevchenko district is absolute security. The contract concluded with our company can be safely demonstrated to various government services – permitting, customs and financial. At each visit to these services, you can be sure that the location of your company will be confirmed by our staff.