The legal address of an IE is this?

Not so long ago, a loophole appeared in the tax legislation of Ukraine, according to which it is possible to register an individual entrepreneur, or rather IE not at the address of registration. From June 1, 2020 – this has become evident in the card, which is submitted to the state registrar. The point where it was necessary to indicate the location of the individual changed to the location and added the line: “Type of premises”, that is, you can write an office, an office. But we draw your attention to the fact that it is advisable to bring a lease of premises or an ACT on confirmation of ownership to the center for the provision of administrative services. Such a change in regulatory documents provides more opportunities for people who are registered in one city and carry out business activities in another, for example, in Kyiv.

IE legal address, what is it?

The location of the individual on which the financial and economic activity is conducted. Simply put: “Tax address” (the territorial district where the businessman pays all the main fees for the types of activities that he indicated when registering with the STS), this is the designation that is written in the IE income book and in the statement on assignment of single taxpayer status or VAT.

Now it’s much easier to report. No need to go to your native village and stand in long lines with a bunch of papers. It got to the point that the IE spent most of the time traveling to the STS at the place of residence than to engage in professional activities. If the inspector has questions about the IE, for example, during a desk audit, then the person does not need to be distracted from the business for a long time, since usually all the controlling bodies are in the same area as the entrepreneur.

How is registration of an IE at a legal address?

Before submitting documents to the state registrar, we advise you to prepare for the following items:

  1. Enter into a lease or sublease as a private citizen (ask for a statement of ownership with the signature of the lessor);
  2. In the IE registration card, single tax or VAT application and income book, indicate the address of your virtual office, and not a registration;
  3. After information about the IE appeared in the open database of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, renew the lease as an individual entrepreneur from the date that the state registration of a private entrepreneur was officially conducted.

Important! In the future, it is necessary to indicate the legal address in addition to the application for issuing an electronic digital signature, since this paper is filled out according to the passport data, and not the charter documents of an individual entrepreneur.

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