The discrepancy between the legal and the actual address, the consequences?

The discrepancy between the legal and the actual address consequences

You, probably, have already heard that if the legal and actual address do not match, there are serious consequences for the company in the form of blocking tax reports, after which the company is easier to quit than to restore high-quality financial and economic activities. Somewhere, this is true, but to pre-empt this kind of problems, it is worthwhile to seriously search for a good business center, which, at least, is not enough for such a volume of enterprises.

What questions to ask the seller before paying and signing papers?

Remember the following:

  1. Lease or sublease agreement with a clear indication of the beginning and completion of work;
  2. Postal service should include receiving all correspondence (simple, customized, courier, valuable, parcels, parcels, transfers through transport companies);
  3. Agenda from state bodies, courts are obtained by attorney with a wet seal;
  4. During the working day the representative must be in the room and be sure to be in touch on the phone number that is specified at the entrance to the room;
  5. Notifications of received letters are sent via SMS or instant messengers, such as Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram;
  6. Is it possible to place a sign LLC on the facade of the building;
  7. Are important documents scanned to email :.

If you are satisfied with the reaction, then everything is fine, it is a decent legal address with reference to the actual office without consequences in which you can be 100% sure.

What can a client ask before registering?

A good administrator will ask you such requests:

  • What lead: “A real business or something with a dubious reputation”,
  • Who are you, an intermediary, asking for discounts or a staff member,
  • At what price expect (avoid unreal cheap offers),
  • Type of activity of the enterprise, whether there is import, export, licenses,
  • Do you pay VAT and how often do you file this tax refund,
  • Phone in the database of the Ministry of Justice, working or not,
  • Where the main branch is actually located (in the capital, in other regions of Ukraine).

When you do not have an answer to these questions, a good lawyer will not sell you his office for postal use.

As for the discrepancy between the legal and the actual address, the consequences that scare you are illegal and even corrupt, the main thing is that the director be constantly in touch!

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