Registration of the legal address of an LLC!

Registration of the legal address of an LLC is a fairly common question, but everyone puts his personal understanding or opinion of other, poorly versed people, who often call themselves corporate lawyers, into it. Some imply opening a company, others, renting a virtual office, and others in general, all on a turn-key basis. This discrepancy arose because service sellers cannot really explain to businessmen what they provide, to whom and on what terms. In fact, this concept is divided into two positions: Registration of LLC and lease of legal address. But it always takes place in the district administration and at the notary under one action. They are divided because each position is paid separately. If the first on the Ukrainian market costs almost the same for everyone, then the price of the second can vary depending on the service and location, for example, the cost of such a service in the Pechersky district of Kyiv is significantly different from Shevchenkovsky, although both are in the same city.

Registration of the registered address of an LLC, what is it?

As mentioned above, these are two different concepts, but the procedure is as follows:

  1. Lease or sublease of a company’s remote office with full secretarial and postal services (you should receive information about incoming correspondence daily, especially when it comes to correspondence with fiscal services and other government agencies);
  2. Entering a new limited liability company (registration) in the database of the Ministry of Justice (name, who is the founder, director, contact information, location of the main office);
  3. Registration of the company in the tax (receipt of a single taxpayer or VAT statement);

Also, here you can add the opening of a bank account, registration of licenses and permits, for example, for the sale of alcohol and tobacco products.

Re-registration of the legal address of LLC?

There is such a statement of the question, but here the answer is even simpler:

  • If the director of the enterprise does this on his own. It is enough for him to come to the territorial center for the provision of administrative services, fill out the necessary card (the form and names can change), put a signature, give the official and by the end of the day, maxim tomorrow information about the new location of the company will be in the public domain,
  • If you send a lawyer. Everything is the same, but it will be necessary to write a power of attorney on it, it is enough to make an order with the signature of the head and seal of the company, but it is better to draw up this document with a notary (so, just in case, given that everything flows, it changes in our legislation).

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