Location of the legal entity?

The location of the legal entity is the office from which the financial and economic activities of the enterprise are primarily carried out. That is, the administration, director, chief accountant directly works. So the civil code of Ukraine answers the question under consideration. There is a similar definition under the name, tax address, which means the same, but adjusted for reporting to the fiscal service, which also includes customs. Information about the location of the company is entered in the official, publicly accessible base of the Ministry of Justice. This was done to facilitate the search for a company by various authorities with the aim of serving requests, summons, other notifications, and conducting scheduled, unscheduled inspections. Accordingly, if law enforcement agencies did not find the enterprise according to the data indicated in the mentioned service, then the official has the legal right to block the business. Most often through the non-acceptance of invoices in electronic form.

Is the location of the legal entity?

New concept! In the recent past, there were such terms as legal address and actual. The first is a representative by proxy and only processes incoming correspondence, letters, parcels, parcels and so on. The second is actually the company and assets. For example, the production of a meat factory can be located in the field, but listed in the Pechersk district of the city of Kyiv. Each cantor can have several branches in the regions of the country and even abroad. Such statements must also be entered in the state register. Practice shows that not all businessmen, especially beginners, can afford expensive office rents, so virtual offices continue to operate, which charge at least twenty times less money for their services than a cheap business center. This approach saves money, allows you to hire maintenance personnel remotely for lower wages.

If the location of the legal entity has changed?

When you move to a new location, you need to notify the authorities that control your work on the same day. Tax, customs, licensing and patent organizations, if special permits are used to carry out financial and economic activities. An experienced lawyer will deal with such issues, who will be able to amend the registry a few hours after the decision is made.

We advise you to take this topic seriously, because it is precisely because of non-alignment with company contacts that most of all there are problems with the fiscal service and the architectural bureau. Applies to exporters, importers with high annual turnover!

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