Legal Address Requirements!

Legal Address Requirements

When opening a new or another business for trade in goods or for the organization of import, export, each entrepreneur thinks about acquiring a legal address, to which it makes great demands. Particularly acute this question arises in the capital of Ukraine, and even more acute in its central part, since in Pechersk, Shevchenko, Galaseyevsky, Podolsky districts of Kyiv, direct rent or sublease of the premises is quite expensive. First, beginners feel it. But before you register a company in an office center, you need to find out the conditions for cooperation other than postal service.

Basic requirements for the legal address:

  1. The presence of a contract with all related documents (acts of transfer and acceptance, termination of services);
  2. There should be a power of attorney for the secretary signed by the director and a wet seal (this will allow you to easily take papers from private courier deliveries, for example, NEW MAIL LLC and inquiries);
  3. It is necessary to apply for a post office to receive correspondence of all types, including parcels, packages;
  4. It is desirable that the remote office would work on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00 or at least from 10:00 to 17:00;
  5. Welcome to the location of the building in proximity to the Kyiv Metro station (convenient for company couriers who do not use a personal or company car).

All the above items are top priority and are not negotiable, their presence and execution save the company in working with the fiscal service, for example, when submitting invoices, carrying out planned, unscheduled tax audits.

Additional requirements for the legal address:

  • Is it possible to place a sign on the facade and interior of the office center on which the official telephone number of the client will be indicated (saves from drawing up an ACT of not finding);
  • Photographing deliveries from government agencies to customer messengers (usually this option is in the main package of services);
  • Ability to scan to email: the contents of absolutely all the letters.

Remember, the more preferences the landlord offers you, the more expensive it will be. We advise you not to save, choose exactly what will improve and secure the work of your organization.

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