Legal address LLC!

Legal address LLC

The legal address of the LLC is the front office, where the relationship with government agencies, with the fiscal service, which in turn defines this term, as – the tax address. This service is massively distributed in Kyiv and Kyiv region this is due to the fact that it is in the central region of the country that all Ukrainian business is concentrated, from small to giant corporations owned by oligarchs.

Why do firms buy this service?

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the fact that not every entrepreneur wants to advertise his main or back location to anyone without hitting. But there are three main reasons:

  1. Security from raider attacks, the visit of law enforcement officers and untouchable journalists. The latter often come even on small desks, received state. order for 100 UAH .;
  2. Enormous savings in maintenance personnel. You do not need to hire a staff secretary who will receive and process mail correspondence. Also partly there is no need to have a permanent lawyer who will meet and communicate with the police, the police and so on;
  3. Savings on renting a large room, especially when it comes to the central districts of Kyiv or other big cities. For some businessmen, this is a great opportunity not to rent an office at all, but to conduct all activities from home or car.

What is an LLC – a subject of financial and economic activity, a limited liability company of participants (founders), is a form of ownership, according to which the owners are liable for the losses of the enterprise in a limited volume. This means that the founders risk losing only the amount of money or property that they have contributed to the charter capital of the organization; no additional requirements are made on the participants. Simply put, the owner does not respond with personal property.

What should be the legal address of the LLC in the classics?

There are several basic attributes without which it is impossible to start a company at a particular location on the map, which in turn is displayed in the publicly accessible database of the state register of organizations of Ukraine:

  • This is a real office with a full work schedule,
  • The secretary is constantly present
  • Customer mail is received every day from various delivery services, about which the director or other authorized person of the company is immediately informed,
  • Availability of a lease or sublease agreement (a very important element) indicating the street name, house number, room number, contract amount,
  • The possibility of the actual presence of the client in case of tax or other verification.

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