Legal address lease agreement sample!

A sample lease of a legal address for each company looks different. Moreover, it is not always compiled on the same principles. If the cap is the same with the names of the parties, leaders or signatories, then the subject of the contract can radically differ. For example, some write that they provide the buyer with some kind of virtual location on which the businessman can register the company, others draw up a full agreement for the use of the premises with square meters and a list of additional services (information services, use of office equipment, parking, and so on).

Legal address lease agreement sample. What should include?

Recall that this document is different for each jurist. Much depends on the status of the property and the needs of the tenant.

The main points that are required:

  1. Date, city where the transaction is carried out;
  2. Data of the parties (name of LLC, PE, Entrepreneur, last name, first name, middle name of the directors, on the basis of which they act, usually this is the charter);
  3. Subject (hiring, raising the cabinet with the exact spelling of the house, street and zip code);
  4. Validity of the agreement, price, rights and obligations of the landlord, tenant;
  5. Additional conditions (if any), details of the parties indicating the current contacts.

Since this is a virtual office, the availability of phone numbers and other means of communication is the most important point in order to avoid conflicts with inspectors, be it tax, customs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Security Service of Ukraine.

Legal address rental agreement sample additional documents!

As you know, each contract is accompanied by a package of applications, namely:

  • Invoice with bank details (for official payment to the current account),
  • Acts of transfer and acceptance of premises to the lessee and delivery to the lessor upon expiration of the agreement,
  • A power of attorney on the right of the secretary to receive mail correspondence, parcels, inquiries from state bodies, judicial summons.

Also ask for documents of title to the property itself so as not to get caught by scammers and not lose, though not big, money.

If the information in this article is not enough, you can write or call our employees at any time and ask for a sample lease of a legal address in print or electronic form. And also, consult for free on all issues of interest.

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