How to get a legal address?

How to get a legal address, this is a frequently asked question from beginning entrepreneurs. Most people think that this service is simple as there are a lot of offers on the market. Indeed, creating a remote office is not difficult. But to make it quality, that is, faster, cheaper, it’s better not for everyone. First you need to rent or buy a room, purchase office equipment, arrange with the mail for the quick delivery of letters, hire an experienced secretary and preferably with a higher education. If after such expenses of money, time and effort it is possible to reach a level better, faster, then such an offer will not become cheaper. It all depends on what kind of service is needed by the entrepreneur himself, who opens a new company or re-registers an existing one.

How to get a legal address safe?

The easiest way to go to a lawyer who is registering a new company, but ask about the following:

  1. At the virtual office during working hours there must be a secretary who confirms your whereabouts and does not sign any acts or protocols regarding the client;
  2. A lease or sublease agreement from LLC, Entrepreneur (allows bank transfer), if from an individual, then only from the owner of the real estate;
  3. Mail correspondence is processed every day upon receipt. Not once a week, and even more so a month;
  4. Requests from government bodies and subpoenas are collected only by official power of attorney, which your organization writes to specific employees;
  5. The ability to send you letters through various delivery services.

There are a number of other indicators of quality and safety, but these are of prime importance.

How to get a legal address, inexpensive?

Of course, everyone dreams of a good virtual office at the lowest possible price. The cost of such a service depends on:

  • Territories. It’s a paradox, but in Kyiv the cost of a remote office is much lower than in other regions of Ukraine. The best level of service in the central regions, Pechersky, Shevchenkovsky;
  • Type of property. If you cooperate with the owner of the premises, then the lease and annual maintenance will be much cheaper than working through subleasing with a person who himself is a tenant. This also affects security; the owner will not move to another building tomorrow;
  • Additional services. A sign of a company on the facade, a full scan of all mail to email, storage of accounting documents, these are all additional costs that can be saved.

If there is not enough information about the current how to get a legal address, you can call or write to our employees and order a free consultation.

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