Documents for changing the legal address!

documents for changing the legal address

When a small or large entrepreneur decides to change the legal address, the question immediately arises of the proper preparation of all necessary documents. Naturally, these questions should be addressed by experienced and verified lawyers who have tremendous experience in a particular segment, since in Ukraine the legislation in this field constantly changes with the frequency of change of the ruling elites, which leads to a shift of personnel in regulatory bodies, in particular the fiscal service. As we all know from our bitter experience: “A new broom sweeps in a new way”, especially if the broom has got to the leading position of the tax administration not affordably, but affordably. And we remember that such officials do not know how to catch malicious non-payers of VAT, other fees, and only know how to create problems for entrepreneurs in the form of rejection of invoices claiming that they have something in common there or that the businessman has a bad location on the map of Kyiv. If the director of the company lowers his head following the case of a corrupt official, then most likely such an enterprise will not last long. This article is specifically for such merchants.

Documents for changing the legal address:

  1. A notarized protocol of the general fees of participants, where a decision was made to move to a new office and the performer of this action;
  2. A shaped card, the name of which we will not be voicing since it was mentioned above that in our country, everything can change literally tomorrow;
  3. The receipt of payment of state duty in what amount you will learn from the registrar or on the official website of the local administration;
  4. A new, notarized charter if the location of the enterprise is specified in it (we recommend using a model until some left-wing forces have canceled it);
  5. It is not necessary, but it is advisable to prepare letters to the fiscal service and the bank where the main current account is opened from the fact that you have changed your legal address.

The last item is needed if the inspector sends some kind of notification to your old office, and God forbid it returns, then you will have a document in your hands confirming that the tax authorities and bankers were warned about the change of location of the cantor (as you know, in the public database of the Ministry of Justice no one is watching). Unless of course it comes to trial.

I would also like to note! Initially, choose a virtual office from a trusted partner who has been working on the market for several years and can offer you a decent service, a full guarantee of cooperation with you in cases of verification by law enforcement agencies.

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