Do I need a legal address for an individual entrepreneur?

Do I need a legal address for individual entrepreneurs in Ukraine, that is, for an individual entrepreneur? This question can be answered briefly – No! But still it’s worth going a little deeper into this topic, as it has recently begun to gain momentum in connection with the situation in the Parliament of Ukraine.

Many have heard that deputies want to abolish the small business institution, which corporations use to reduce their tax base. To some extent, this is true, but do not forget that small traders in goods or services for the population use private entrepreneurs. For example, a shoe shop or an online store selling mobile phones, cheap household appliances. This type of business does not require a license or certificate of a payer of value added tax, but is on a simplified system, paying only a small deduction to the country’s budget from turnover and a social contribution from wages. To some extent, this avoids costly accounting services. But we recommend hiring a professional, remote specialist for the elementary filing of reports with the fiscal service.

Ask yourself again: “Do I need a legal address for an individual entrepreneur”? If you are!

Yes. The following reasons:

  1. The secretary will independently process your incoming correspondence without your participation, and you will only receive notifications that a letter has arrived from the company or government agency (say that important documents are scanned in Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram);
  2. In case of a scheduled or unscheduled inspection by controlling officials, you have an official office where you can carry out all the necessary activities (ask for an additional fee for the provision of such services);
  3. Most importantly, it excludes the visit of law enforcement bodies to your home with a search, seizure, other investigative steps, if it comes to that (an individual entrepreneur is registered at the place of residence, registration in the passport).

Considering the above advantages, we can conclude that for an individual entrepreneur in Ukraine, he also needs a legal address. We also advise you to get a separate phone for the base of the Ministry of Justice and keep it constantly on. This approach will greatly simplify the work with the tax and other services.

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