Change of legal address tax consequences?

Every entrepreneur, his director, accountant and legal person asks: “Changing the legal address of the tax consequences”. Indeed, when an enterprise moves to a new location, difficulties may arise with the fiscal service of Ukraine, namely, an unscheduled audit of financial and economic activity can begin. But it is worth noting that officials are obliged to resort to such actions only in the event that you change the territorial affiliation of your company. That is, the office is relocated from one area to another, for example, from Pechersk to Goloseevsky or in general to another city or region.

Problems with re-registration of cantors to another region?

  1. An audit of a private organization (Limited Liability Company) is initiated;
  2. It is necessary to give explanations about the decision to move the governing body of the company;
  3. It may be necessary to apply again for registration of a value added taxpayer certificate.

Be sure to consider these circumstances and thoroughly prepare for them, and even better, that the head, the accountant supervised the implementation of the above points independently and personally acquainted with the new inspector.

Exodus when changing business center in one area?

  • State fiscal service staff continue to send letters to the old location, and they naturally return,
  • You will have to change all permissions and licenses where the old legal address was indicated,
  • The same civil servants can draw up an ACT on not staying with the previous landlord and block the electronic submission of tax invoices absolutely legally (you can easily challenge this, but it will take time and bureaucratic red tape).

To avoid these consequences, we recommend immediately after updating the information in the Ministry of Justice database of your company to notify the fiscal service that you have changed the zip code.

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