Change of legal address of an IE!

Change of legal address of IE. What kind of service is this?

Recently, there have been changes in Ukrainian legislation that have allowed the registration of an individual entrepreneur not only at the place of residence, but also at the place of rental office. This means that a person can be registered in one city, and open a small business in any other. Therefore, this service has recently begun to gain great popularity. Now it’s enough to rent a virtual office and register in it.

You can also easily change location. For example, you rented a store for the sale of national economy goods, and after a while you found a room cheaper and decided to move. In this case, you just need to fill out a card on making amendments to the unified state register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine, take it to the center for the provision of administrative services and within a few days new information regarding your SAP will appear in the USR.

Procedure for changing the legal address of IE.

In order to properly register a change in the location of a business entity, it is recommended that you contact experienced legal scholars. This will also reduce the time required to complete the work.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Enter into a new lease for at least a year (it is advisable to pay through a current account);
  2. Fill out the registration card on making changes to the USR (try to do this in hard copy and without grammatical errors so that you don’t have to redo it later on the spot);
  3. Take a passport, take all the documents to the administrative services center in your area (after carrying out all the actions, you will be given an inventory with a number).
  4. When the information appears in the USR, send a notification about the change of legal address to the local tax office (optional, but desirable).

Important! Before the 2020 reform, data on the change of location had to be sent to the STI during the submission of quarterly reports. Now it can be done at any time convenient for you.

Nuances when changing the legal address of IE.

At first glance, it seems that this is a fairly simple process and pitfalls are excluded. But it is recommended to pay special attention to the rental of a new virtual office itself. Namely:

  • The contract must be a direct lease or sublease with all supporting documents of ownership;
  • Pay by bank transfer to record the fact of financial interaction with the landlord in the bank statement;
  • Ask for the ACTs of the reception-transmission and reception-delivery of the premises for the year ahead with an indication of the amount.

Important! Do not sign up for a so-called cooperation agreement. If the tax authorities or the financial monitoring department have questions for you, they can visit the legal address of the individual entrepreneur and ask the owner of the premises or the office manager for paper that confirms your presence in a particular office. Also, the phone marked in the USR as a worker should be in touch from 9:00 to 18:00.

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